July 2013

LOGOThis week, we debuted our new “Under the Hard Hat” YouTube playlist, a series of personal interviews with Shea Homes Arizona employees. The Customer Care Team is the first to be showcased, and is also one of the most important teams in your home buying process.

The word “service” is never taken lightly with the Shea Homes Arizona Customer Care Team. Their purpose is to enhance people’s lives, and that’s just what they do. Taking quality time to not only teach homeowners how to care for their home, but to build a relationship along the way, is truly the key to this team’s success.

Shea Homes’ 1-5-11 program is a proactive way of performing warranty during homeowners’ first year with Shea Homes. The Customer Care Team schedules three appointments – after 1 month, after 5 months, and after 11 months – from the home’s closing date to make sure everything is up to expectations. If, by chance, something is not performing properly, Shea Homes takes care of it! Everything under your roof can be fixed by this team, and even better, they can teach you some important home care tricks! This way, you’re good to go for years to come. Some of this home care upkeep includes: changing smoke detector batteries; switching out air conditioning filters; caulking cracks throughout the home; caring for windows, garage doors and sliding glass doors; and draining water heaters.

In comparison to warranties on a used or foreclosed home, with Shea homes our warranty program is proactive instead of reactive. Used home warranties can be extremely costly with unreliable warranty teams; and once the warranty ends, house problems most likely continue to pop-up. New home built by Shea have the newest and most up to date materials and products to ensure minimal home concerns for years to come, and with used homes, everything is unpredictable since the care of the home is sometimes unknown.

Essentially, Shea Homes Arizona’s Customer Care Team wants to make your home buying experience as easy-going and fancy-free as possible. With quick response times, exceptional homecare knowledge, and a knack for making the homeowner feel at home, the Customer Care team is bound to make an unforgettable impression on you and your family.

To meet our Customer Care Team Leader, Rich McClaskey, click here. For more information on Shea Homes and what we’re up to at the Arizona division, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, get inspired with us on Pinterest, and learn all things homebuilding on our YouTube channel.


After buying an empty lot to build a custom home on, Clay and Tricia were barely into the process before they were beginning to learn about all the headaches. When Shea Homes’ models were being built next door, they couldn’t resist peeking over the fence! Beginning to doubt the process of building an entirely new custom home themselves, Clay and Tricia stepped into a Shea Homes sales office and have been homeowners since 2012.

Clay and Tricia began to understand the benefits of buying with a builder as opposed to hiring contractors to build a home on an empty lot; but if you need more information to help your decision, we’ve got just the stuff!

The primary advantage of building a new home yourself from the ground up is that you can make every last detail just the way you want, from the room options to the placement of your kitchen.  Now that we have launched our new product, Shea3D, you can even change your kitchen location to create a living space you’ll love and that is important to you. These lifestyle spaces choices are called Kitchen-centric, Entertainment-centric and Outdoor-centric. We also provide more design options for flooring, backsplash, countertops, cabinets, fixtures and more! For more details and information on Shea3D visit www.sheahomes.com/3d!

In addition to paying for the construction of the custom home you want to build, you have to purchase the land it will sit on, and initial estimates for costs are rarely accurate. With good chance that the timeline and schedule of building your home can face many setbacks, other costs – specifically labor costs – increase as well. Buying a home in a Shea Homes development is cheaper than building custom because building similar homes in a community cuts down labor costs and several features and land costs are already included in Shea’s pricing.

Building a new, custom home with contractors can take sometimes six months to a year on average until it is move-in ready, and that’s if you’re on schedule and don’t make any last minute changes. If you buy with Shea Homes, the building process takes roughly four to six months for both the design and construction processes!

Choosing energy efficient upgrades in a custom home may save you large amounts of money in your monthly budget, but installing energy efficient upgrades and improvements can be costly. All Shea Homes communities offer the Environments for Living (EFL) Program where Shea uses a third party to certify the usage and cost of heating and cooling in your home and then EFL guarantees that it will not exceed a specified monthly usage cost.  If the home does go over this monthly cost, thus raising your utilities bill, a 100 percent refund of the difference will be compensated to the homeowner! Most Shea Homes communities also offer homes that are Energy Star 3.0 certified.

Building a home on an empty lot has several perks. With all of the new upgrades and improvements, maintenance and upkeep does not need much attention for a while. You don’t inherit outdated appliances, floor plans or décor with a new home; all of which can bring on several replacements and renovations driving up your cost. Luckily with Shea Homes Arizona, our homes are new like custom homes with much lower overall costs. With our design studio, you can pick out several combinations of features that make your home stand apart from the rest. Some of these features include countertops, backsplashes, fixtures, accents, flooring, cabinetry and a color palette that is just right for you. Other great choices that particular Shea Homes Arizona communities offer are luxury elements such as detached RV garages, backyard cabanas, tumbled pavers, built-in cabinets, garage workspaces, flex rooms and more! Also, all Shea Homes are built with Whirlpool appliances, Delta faucets, and many other brand name products that will help increase your home’s longevity for many years to come.

Doing all of the proper research on hiring contractors and designers is time-consuming, chaotic and costly. Plus, you have to become the unofficial manager of several people, which becomes a full time job! When you’ve already got so much on your plate, taking on this role is unnecessary. At Shea Homes Arizona, we have sales representatives, construction superintendents, designers and more all at your doorstep… literally! We have a great team to make your home buying process stress-free, timely and seamless so you can move in to your brand new, designed by you, Shea Home!


How Will Rising Interest Rates Impact Homebuyers?

by Meridith Doucette on July 16, 2013


Mortgage interest rates are on the rise. We keep hearing this news but without having any real numbers, it can be difficult to determine what a rise in mortgage interest rates really means to you. A recent article by Wayne Faulkner on Star News Online, gives some details on the impact increasing mortgage rates will have on new home buyers.

Last week, Freddie Mac’s weekly survey showed that the national average mortgage interest rate rose from 3.93% in June to to 4.51% in July– an increase of over ½ of a percentage point (.58%).  As explained by Jim Wallace, president of Intracoast Realty, “Every point of interest increases the cost (of a home loan) about 10%.”

Here’s what that looks like:

For the buyer looking to secure a mortgage at $150,000, an increase of one point (or percent) in the interest rate would increase the monthly mortgage payment by $86. On a $400,000 mortgage, an increase of one point in the interest rate would increase the mortgage payment by $230 per month. These increases in monthly payment can make the difference between qualifying for a loan or not, making it more difficult for new home buyers to obtain financing for their new home.

Read the full article here.


Pinstrocities: Deceivingly simple pins

by Shea Homes Arizona on July 12, 2013

As many of you know, Shea Homes Arizona has become very active in the pinning world lately. Though we don’t always test out the pins we pin, we came across a blog that documents all the pins-gone-wrong, otherwise known as “pinstrocities”. Below are a few pins-gone-wrong from the Pinstrocity blog that we figured would give you a good warning before taking on these deceivingly simple pins!

1.1Pet Photos

How adorable is this pet photo for a Christmas card? Whether this dog is mellow because of old age or he’s just an all-around good dog, he took a great photo! Now if1.2 you have a puppy in his terrible two’s, you may want to rethink how you execute this plan.

The Pinstrocity bloggers attempted this photo with their pup, and it didn’t exactly scream “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”. While the stick is in your dog’s mouth, try finding something to hold up that he or she likes more than a tree branch. This will get their attention! Then be quick to snap the photo.

1.3Lush Landscapes

The original pin on the left said that to get your grass this green 1.4and prevent yellowing, just dilute Epsom salt in plenty of water and then spray it all over the grass with a tank sprayer or lawn spreader. Perfect during the winter season, right? Well, Epsom salt does prevent yellowing, but apparently not “purple-ing”.


Easy-Bake Eggs1.5

This next pin-gone-wrong claims that baking raw eggs in a muffin tin creates the perfect hard-boiled egg. Just preheat your oven to 325 degrees and pop the eggs in for 25-30 minutes! They’re allegedly tastier and easier to peel. According to this Pinstrocity, we’ll stick to boiling our eggs!

1.6Cookie Catastrophe

This single-serve chocolate chip cookie in a mug prevents your temptation to eat a whole batch of 1.7cookies by yourself. And it looks delicious! By creating simple cookie dough with all of the usual ingredients to bind the dough together, press the dough in a mug and microwave for 30-60 seconds! Voilà! Or maybe not… The pinner who created this Pinstrocity simply neglected reading the directions and it ended up dry, crumbly and not tasty!


1.81.9Hair Problems

As women dominate the Pinterest world, hair Pinstrocities are all over the Hair and Beauty page! Ombré has made its mark among women’s style and is very popular these days, but a rather difficult technique to pull off at home. If you look at this Pinstrocity, it turned out more like a pinstripe. For a look like this, stick to going to a hair color specialist!

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All photos are from Pinterest and the Pinstrocity Blog.


Porchfront Homes Come to SPACES at Reunion

July 11, 2013

  Riding a wave of immense popularity, the Porchfront Collection of SPACES homes offered by Shea Homes in Highlands Ranch is making its way north to Reunion. The introduction of these designs lends itself well to charming curb appeal and the urban feel originally established in this high plains community just over ten years ago. […]

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The Jewel of the Gold Coast Shines Bright

July 10, 2013

  Oxnard, CA is considered to be the “Jewel of the Gold Coast”, with its shining facets reflecting miles of coast line and an abundance of residential and commercial opportunity.  Regarded as the most business-friendly community of Ventura, Oxnard’s reputation for high quality retail and buyer satisfaction has extended its reach to the city’s newest […]

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Parsons Place: an Opportunity to Grow and Thrive

July 8, 2013

The Parsons Pink China Rose is known for blooming repeatedly throughout the year, constantly renewing its beauty and never fading with age.  Our newest community, Parsons Place, was named after the flower to reflect the flourishing community and the beauty of growth within a home.  Azusa, CA, a wonderfully temperate city nestled against the San Gabriel […]

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American Flag Etiquette

July 5, 2013

Proper American flag etiquette applies not just on our patriotic holidays, but year-round! There are many hidden rules and laws about how the flag should be treated on certain occasions and under certain circumstances. But not to worry; we have all the do’s and don’ts on how your American flag should be respected when you […]

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Make Your Move To Beautiful BackCountry By Year End

July 3, 2013
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  Find your dream home in the private gated community of BackCountry nestled at the southernmost boundary of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Located adjacent to the Backcountry Wilderness Area, residents can encounter nature’s pristine beauty close to home. Now is the time to make your move to BackCountry. Shea Homes currently has two exceptional homes from […]

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