May 2014

5 Can’t Miss Web-tools for Designing Your New Home

by Shea Homes Arizona on May 30, 2014

Whether you are planning the layout, colors and décor of your new home or you are just dreaming about the future, there are some awesome web-tools out there to help visualize your plans and dreams. Here are five tools we hope will help you get in the groove designing the inside of your dream home!

1)    Shea Homes SpaceBuilderphoto1

Our first and favorite web-tool on our list is the Shea Homes SpaceBuilder. SpaceBuilder gives you access to interactive floor plans that adjust to the features and options you select. You can also view various interior design options as well as see how your furniture fits in each room. In fact, SpaceBuilder has thousands of specific name brand furniture items to select from as well as generic pieces which can be customized to fit your furniture’s specific measurements.

Here are our Top Ten favorite ways that the SpaceBuilder App can help you design your home!

Or you can get started in the SpaceBuilder app by selecting a community and floor plan you would like to explore here.

2)    IKEA Children’s Storage Plannerphoto2

Do you need a way to help contain the tornado of toys, clothes, and arts and crafts supplies? IKEA offers the IKEA Children’s Storage Planner, perfect for designing an ideal storage area for the things your kids love to leave out all over the house. Choose your ideal shelving, cabinets, various drawers, shelf organizers and more.

3)    ColorJive

photo3Wouldn’t it be great if you could see what a room or wall would look like in a different color without buying a single can of paint? Welcome to ColorJive. Here you can upload a photo of the room you want to paint and select from major paint brands as well as the Natural Color System, used worldwide by designers. Then, try out as many colors as you want (and save your back). You can also save and print your recolored photo to share with family and friends before you paint.


Houzz Photos is the perfect destination for interior décor, paint and furnishing inspiration. Browse through design ideas by room, popular spaces, style, budget, room size, cost and more. Pin ideas using your Pinterest Bookmark Button or sign up for a Houzz profile and save to your Ideabook.

5)    ColourLovers

COLOURlovers is a creative community where people from around the world create and share their favorite colors, palettes, patterns and trends. If you are looking for the perfect color palette for your home or for a specific room, this is the place to go for inspiration. You can also create your own palettes of up to five colors, choosing colors from a color wheel or photo you upload.

Do you have any web-tools you love for home design and décor? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or in the comments below!

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Shea Homes: A Homebuilder that Cares

by Shea Homes Arizona on May 29, 2014

Ever wonder what it’s like to work with Shea Homes to build a home? Check out what our homebuyers are saying about what it’s like to build with Shea! And don’t forget to check out our video testimonials to hear more from real homebuyers about why they love their Shea Home!Capture

“I literally pulled in front of this house without getting out of the car and I said, this is it! Without a doubt. I never looked at another house after that.”

“The minute you walk in the front door, it’s just wide open. It’s very livable—it’s just refreshing.”

“Our kitchen is a cooks dream come true.”

“It felt like we were supposed to be there. You’ve got the house of your dreams. You’ve got the great room you want. You’ve got the kitchen you want. The bedrooms are great.”

“We have space for everybody. We have four kids. We have space for everybody plus a guest suite for my mom.”

“I noticed when my wife and I walked into the model that we ended up buying was how spacious and open the floor plan was right when we opened the door.”

“The journey with the team in Marbella was fabulous! You couldn’t ask for a more professional yet kind hearted team. My Christmas card list just grew because of the friendships that were developed with the sales staff and the superintendents.”

“It had a huge loft upstairs, and we looked at that in terms of livability, and that was practical in terms of these guys [gesturing towards kids] because it’s a game room upstairs, it’s a play room, it’s a media room, it’s a theater room—it’s everything we could want.”

What are you looking for in a home and a home builder? Come and visit us at any of our communities to see if Shea Homes AZ fits the bill for your dream home and dream experience building it!

Visit our website for more information about Shea Homes’ communities across the Valley or you can call us toll free: 1-866-696-7432.  To watch our informational videos, please visit our YouTube channel.  For more information on Shea Homes and what we’re up to in Arizona, like us  on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join us for some inspiration on Pinterest.


Creating your Outdoor Living Space

by Kayla Kody on May 28, 2014


Having a 4th of July party? Figuring out where to put that new grill for Father’s day? Trying to get your outdoor living space just right? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Whether you’re just starting to plan your space, or you’re adding the finishing touches, these pointers will come in handy.


Planning your layout is your first step; figure out how the space will be used. This includes drawing out your pathways, listing the pieces of furniture you will need or where you will place what you have, making sure that there will be room for every piece to function as planned, and creating your map. Here are some examples of things to think about to get you started:


-How big is your space? How will you get the maximum use out of it?
-Do chairs have enough room to pull out? Are walkways large enough?
-If you have a grill is it placed far enough away from the seating area?
-Is there shade you would like to take advantage of? If not is there room for an umbrella?
-How does the light hit the outdoor area during the times you are most likely to be using it?
-Can you plan in such a way that the space is aesthetically pleasing from views inside the house?

You want to be sure you really think this through so you’re not dragging chairs and tables around trying to accommodate guests and their needs every time you use the space. Get creative, and discover how you want the space to flow.

Focal Point

Every outdoor space needs a focal point- a fire pit, table, garden, pool, hot tub, or a bar area,  just to name a few. This is where you and your guest’s attention will be directed, and most of their time will be spent. Decide what it will be and include it in your layout planning. The focal point needs to have interesting pieces incorporated. For instance if you go with the garden perhaps focus on a fountain or sculpture. You may have multiple focal points, if this is the case be sure to plan the area for each one so that the space is not overwhelmed.



Style is one of the most essential aspects of your outdoor living space; it will dictate the feel of the area and will guide you not only in your décor, but also in your landscaping. Styles can be tropical, bohemian, traditional, modern, rustic, or whatever else your heart desires. The possibilities are endless, whatever you decide make sure that it does not clash with the style of your home. For instance a rustic log cabin home with a traditional English style outdoor living space complete with classic statues and rose gardens might not flow that well. If you don’t have something in mind browse some ideas to help you decide.


Once you have chosen your style you can begin to pick out your plants, a tropical area will call for some palms and hibiscus. A rustic area will call for some pines and perhaps ferns. Branch out here (pun intended) and have fun with it. Planting in layers, meaning the tallest plants in the back and the shortest up front, can help provide depth to the garden. Do keep in mind your climate and when the plants will flower. You don’t want to end up with a beautiful garden for a few months and a barren waste land the rest of the year.


My favorite part! Really embrace the style you’ve chosen, if you went with bohemian lots of pillows, bright rugs, and colorful patterns can help complete the look. Incorporating pops of color is always a great way to enhance a space. Throw pillows, lighting choices, accent pieces, and flowers are go-to ways of accomplishing this, but don’t forget that you can also use colored pots to add color that will stay year round. Lighting is also a great way to enhance the space; solar lighting to accentuate the garden, candles for the tables, and hanging lanterns are just a few options to keep in mind. Once again there are plenty of resources out there to get ideas from; there are even lots of DIY projects that can save some money along the way.

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Did you know that over six thousand Americans abuse prescription drugs that were not prescribed to them for the first time every day? About one-third of these people are teens, ages 12-17, according the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

As a family-owned business, Shea Homes Arizona strives to always put family first by building safe and secure homes. Now, Shea Homes Arizona and RxArmory are partnering up to include one RxArmory medicine safe in every new Shea Home.

Shea homebuyers have the option to choose to have the RxArmory installed in an existing cabinet in the master bathroom or the kitchen, the two most common places Americans store prescription medication.

RxArmory comes in two sizes: family size and personal size. It requires no tools for installation, and once it is mounted, it cannot be removed. RxArmory is constructed with a polycarbonate material with a reinforced structural rib to increase durability and security and has a secure 4-digit combination cam lock and also a key.

rxarmory2RxArmory was developed to help promote a healthy lifestyle and deter people from abusing prescription medicine, a serious epidemic within the United States. As Shea Homes Arizona continues to evolve its homes with the most up-to-date safety features on the market, RxArmory provides a strategic environmental solution, protecting our kids by eliminating the risk of “availability.”

“I truly feel that Shea Homes are a triple threat, offering three important components that our customers are conscious of: aesthetics, functionality, and most of all, safety,” said Ken Peterson VP of Sales and Marketing at Shea Homes Arizona.

At Shea Homes, we believe in the safety and security of the home and agree with RxArmory that everyone has a responsibility to safeguard their medicines and protect children from gaining access to potentially harmful prescription medications.

Have questions about RxArmory? Visit to learn more.

Visit our website for more information about Shea Homes’ communities across the Valley and including an RxArmory safe in your new home or you can call us toll free: 1-866-696-7432.  To watch our informational videos, please visit our YouTube channel.  For more information on Shea Homes and what we’re up to in Arizona, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join us for some inspiration on Pinterest.


Make A Home At BackCountry Your Own

May 23, 2014
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  If you act quickly, not only can you move into a remarkable Northern Sky home by year-end, you can fill this home with personalized design finishes that express your style and character. Priced at $715,580*, this sophisticated home with four bedrooms and four bathrooms features a main-floor den with a closet and full bath, […]

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Open House at The Palisades – Final Homes Open for Tours

May 20, 2014

  Please join us at The Palisades for an Open House. Tour our final 2 inventory homes at your leisure. Our agent will be on-site and available to answer any questions you may have. Don’t miss this last chance to make your move to The Palisades!

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Four Reasons to go Solar

May 16, 2014

Did you know that Shea Homes Arizona now offers solar options in most of its communities and floor plans? It’s not every day that your home can save on its own electric bill, but that’s exactly what personal solar panel installations can do for you! Want to learn a little more? Here are four reasons […]

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Anniston’s Model & Sales Center Opens May 24!

May 15, 2014
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  We are very excited to throw open the doors to our new Alpine model at Anniston. Anniston is the new Shea Homes neighborhood in Davidson, located just inside the Iredell county line off I-77. Please stop by for a tour during our opening weekend –  Saturday and Sunday, May 24 and 25! Sales Center and Model hours will […]

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If You Wait, It May Be Too Late!

May 15, 2014
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  Shea SPACES homes at Reunion are selling almost as quickly as they become available. Currently there is only one home available for sale from this immensely popular 3500 series of homes. Ready in August will be a 2,090-square-foot Plan 3507 with three sleeps and 2-1/2 washes. Priced at 284,721* this hip home with contemporary […]

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Shea3D Models Taking Shape At Colliers Hill

May 14, 2014
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  Since the unveiling of the Shea3D™ concept in Colorado, anticipation has been growing around the construction of the first model homes in the new community of Colliers Hill in Erie. Now, as framing is raised on the five models, the innovative new home concept by Shea is taking shape and homebuyers will be able […]

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