April 2015

Stepping Stone, then and now.

by Shea Homes Colorado on April 27, 2015


Hard to believe, but it’s only been two years since ground was first broken at Stepping Stone in Parker, Colorado.  From stretches of dirt to a thriving community centered around a very active Lantern House and competition-size swimming pool, Stepping Stone has come a long way quickly.  And there’s so much more good stuff to come.

These photos below gauge how our community has grown, and hint at how a few more years will yield even more tree-filled parks, friendly neighbors, and an increasingly vibrant sense of community.  Enjoy!

And so it begins.  Shea Homes starts the earth moving process in November, 2012.  A not-so-glamorous trailer serves as headquarters for home buyers who already catch the vision.

1-SS-Shea-Models-Lots-6-20-13 2-Shea-SS-SalesTrailer-3-25-13






Now located in beautifully furnished model homes, Shea Homes welcomes visitors to explore four model homes ranging in size from 1,863 to 3,110 square feet with base pricing from the $300s to the $400s.

3-MODEL-3507-Exterior 4-MODEL-3507-Family-Room






Stepping Stone’s lonely first street, in contrast with the streetscapes of today (on warmer days) kids play and adults mingle.

5-Stepping-Stone-Lonely-Street 6-Stepping-Stone-Streets-Now






The Lantern House, from a twinkle in the architect’s eye to building the foundation.

7-Lantern-House-Rendering 8-Lantern-House-Foundation





Residents kept an eye on the progress during the winter, watching as the walls went up and the pool was dug.  Summer 2014 couldn’t come fast enough.

9-Lantern-House 10-Stepping-Stone-Pool






The Grand Opening in July of 2014 was a blast for every age group.

11-SS-GrandOpening-7-2014 12-SS-GrandOpening-Pool-7-2014






Parks and playgrounds are now a beautiful reality.

13-Winding-Path-Park 14-SS_WindingPathPark-PicnicPavilionPath





15-SS-WindingPathPark-PlayStructure 16-SS-WindingPathPark-1







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BackCountry, then and now.

by Shea Homes Colorado on April 24, 2015


Hard to believe, but it’s already been eight years since BackCountry’s grand opening.  Back in 2007, Shea Homes’ master plan was inspired by the magnificent views and commitment to conservation of the adjacent wilderness area.  The concept was to build a community that preserved thousands of acres of natural beauty, encouraged an active lifestyle, and nurtured a deep sense of community.  As residents eagerly tell anyone who will listen, mission accomplished.

Enjoy these photos, which show how our community has grown over the years and promise a natural beauty that only increases over time.

Images of the Sundial House, built in 2009.  From an idea taking shape out of bare dirt to an elegant and award-winning heart of the community

1-Sundial-House-Progress-2009 2-Sundial-House-Progress-2009







3-Sundial-House-Progress-2009 4-Sundial-Side-Exterior-Crop







A few intrepid kite flyers in Spring 2009.  The Kite Festival was the predecessor to BackCountry’s highly attended events of today: pool parties, concerts, egg hunts and so much more.

5-BC-KiteFestival-2009 6-BC-Easter-Egg-Hunt-2015 7-BC-SummerConcert-2014

Reflection Park, opened in 2008.  These pint-sized trees have grown into shade-giving beauties.  (Come on Summer!)







Discovery Park has come a long way since 2009, and it’s a beautiful barometer of the changing seasons.








A model home from the early Spirit Trail Collection.  Good design is timeless, but compare with today’s Somerset model, sporting a cooler palette and cleaner lines.

 12-Spirit-Trail-Model-Home 13-Somerset-Model-Home-Family-Room





View of the 8,200-acre Backcountry Wilderness Area just behind us.  Hasn’t changed a bit.  And best of all, it never will.

14-BC_Beauty_Mountains_Treesv2 15-BC_Beauty_Rocks






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10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home

by Shea Homes Arizona on April 24, 2015


All around the world, people are working to go green and establish healthier, more sustainable ways of living, but in the rush of every day life it can be tricky to make green habits a priority. Here are ten of the easiest ways you can go green in your home without sacrificing your schedule:

  1. Change a light bulb. Don’t stress about doing them all at once. Next time you go to the store, buy a pack of energy efficient bulbs like CFLs or LEDs, and replace incandescent ones as they burn out. (One errand: 15 minutes; 1 minute at home)
  2. Check for water leaks. Even the smallest of water leaks can make a dent in your wallet and even cause major damage over time. Check out these DIY instructions for checking your home for leaks. (20-60 minutes)
  3. Cut your thermostat by a few degrees. For every degree you go up or down (depending on the time of year), you can save about 3% on heating and cooling costs. Cut 3 degrees and that’s almost 10% of your bill monthly! (1 minute)
  4. Recycle Bins in your kitchen. The key to recycling is to make it easy. Figure out what your city’s recycling rules are and put a bin next to the trash can in your kitchen to make it accessible and easy to sort. (10 minutes research; One errand: 15 minutes; No extra time at home)
  5. Start washing your laundry with cold water. It will preserve most fabrics longer and cut back on energy use over time. (No extra time)
  6. Switch to environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, when you run out of one, buy a green one to replace it. Check out these great alternatives to traditional cleaners. (No extra time)
  7. Turn off the lights when you leave the house. We all know this one, but sometimes in a rush, we forget to do it. In most homes, it takes less than 2 minutes to turn off all the lights, and will save energy throughout the day while you’re gone. (2 minutes or less)
  8. Reuse containers. Spaghetti jars, lunchmeat containers, paper and plastic bags, gift bags and giftwrap. All of these often end up in the garbage when they can easily be reused, reducing landfill pile up and often a few bucks for you too! (2 minutes or less)
  9. Use washable, reusable containers for lunches instead of disposable ones like sandwich bags and paper bags. For some great recommendations on picking the ones that work best for your family, check out this article. (One Errand: 20 minutes; 1 minute to wash dish)
  10.  Recycle old electronics instead of throwing them away. Do you have an old keyboard or cell phone that you are ready to just throw out? Check out mygreenelectronics.org for locations near you where you can recycle them instead. (5 minutes research; One Errand: 15 minutes)

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Reunion, then and now.

by Shea Homes Colorado on April 20, 2015


Hard to believe, but it’s already been 13 years since Reunion was established.  Back in 202, Shea Homes’ master plan was inspired by the former agricultural area’s prime location – rural and peaceful, yet an easy drive into vibrant downtown Denver.  For the more than 1,500 families who live there today, Reunion has fulfilled on its promise of providing the very best of urban and suburban living.

Join us as we walk down memory lane; the photos below show how our community has grown!

1-ReunionSilo-2005 2-ReunionSilo-Now





This monument to Reunion’s agricultural past still welcomes guests and residents – but with a little more surrounding foliage nowadays.

3-Reunion-Jogger 4-Reunion-Park-WhiteBuilding





Taller trees make everyday walks a little more beautiful.

5-Reunion-Kite&FlightFestival-9-28-2005 6-Reunion-Movie-Night-2014 7-Reunion-Movie-Night-2014




The 2005 Kite & Flight Festival attracted a few intrepid flyers among our early residents, but check out the large crowd spotted at our 2014 Movie Night.

8-Prairwilext - v2 9-Plan3554_Exterior






New architecture at Reunion shares in the current aesthetic for clean lines with mid-century echoes.

11-Plan3507_Eat-Chat 10-MorningLightKitchen





Today’s home decor leans toward cooler colors, stainless and other man-made materials and away from natural wood and warmer tones.

12-Reunion-Joggers-Stretching 13-Reunion-Park-Lake-Now





Back in 2005, a walk around the lake was nice… but now the tall grasses and cattails create a lovely perimeter.

14-ReunionPoolSlide 15-Heartland-Park-Playground





Today, with multiple parks, 10 miles of trails, 8 acres of lakes, a 21,000-square-foot recreation center, community events, and an adjacent golf course, Reunion residents have countless opportunities for fun and connection.


Shea Homes Opens Sales Office in Cane Island

April 17, 2015

  Shea Homes is opening a sales office in the new master-planned community of Cane Island in Katy this weekend. Beginning Saturday,  April 18th the sales office will be open daily. This is Shea Homes second community to open in Texas, although they are one of the largest privately-owned home builders in the country and […]

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One Big Secret to Energy Cost Savings

April 17, 2015

As a family homebuilder, we strive to be a leader in innovation, customer care and overall, in enhancing lives so that families can wake up and start their days in a safe, comfortable living environment. We were so honored to be recognized as the 2015 ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes Market Leader Award. We are so […]

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Spring Open House at Tamarindo in Chula Vista

April 13, 2015

  There’s a brand new community in Chula Vista and we’re sure it has everything you’re looking for! Tamarindo offers residents the opportunity live within a cozy community as they move into an established neighborhood with beautiful, brand-new homes. In order for you to get a peek at this new community, we’d like to invite […]

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Shea Homes announces national partnership with GE Appliances

April 9, 2015

Just last month, we at Shea Homes announced an exciting, new national partnership with GE Appliances!   As the country’s largest privately held builder of new homes, we strongly value stylish, quality products and superior services; GE Appliances’ morals and values align with Shea Homes’, making for a fitting partnership. GE’s rich history stems back to […]

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Shea3D™ Buyers Appreciate Flexibility of New Lifestyle Designs

April 7, 2015
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  How do you live life? Are you an entertainer, an aspiring gourmet cook, an easy-going outdoor type, or a combination of the three? In the search for a new home that will accommodate the way you live life, you very likely have a list of must-haves. Shea Homes is daring to take homebuilding to […]

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The Dunes on Monterey Bay Now Open!

April 6, 2015

                The Grand Opening Celebration at The Dunes on Monterey Bay was a great success, with over 2,000 visitors passing through the doors of 6 gorgeous new model homes in the first week. 16 of these new Sea House and Surf House homes were placed on reserve during the first sales […]

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