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5 Ways to Make Memories into Décor

by Shea Homes on September 17, 2015

Take memories and turn them into decor with these ideas.Creating memories is what life is all about. Memories remind us of the important people and places we hold dear to our hearts, filling our lives with happiness and joy. We anxiously await the coming of the “next big thing” in our lives: our first job, marriage, the birth of a first child, or that epic vacation we’ve been dreaming about taking for years. Yet, when the occasion finally arrives, the whirlwind of emotions, conversations, and excitement can make it seem like it passes by in a second. When we revisit these moments the following day or week later, we can’t even remember what hit us!

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. – Dr. Seuss

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One way to keep the memory of these momentous occasions top of mind is to forgo boxing away high-school diplomas, baby photos, travel souvenirs, and other keepsakes to collect dust in the attic and instead, put them in places of honor in your home! From shadow boxes to displays of sand from the exotic beaches you’ve visited, we’re sharing 5 DIY home décor ideas.

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The History of J.F. Shea Co., Part 4

by rachelk on September 6, 2012

As the J.F. Shea Co expanded and grew, they continually searched for new opportunities to better the company as a whole. In 1968 Shea made its most bold and influential move yet by moving into home building.

PBS Corporation, Shea Homes’ predecessor, was a joint effort between John Parker, Glen Brengle and John, Peter and Edmund Shea. It was agreed that the Shea’s would finance the endeavor and Parker and Brengle would run it. By the end of the first year PBS had 145 homes under construction and land acquisition in several Southern California counties.

In 1973 PBS Corporation moved to Walnut, California and in 1975 the name was changed to Shea Homes. The Shea Center in Walnut, CA is still home to the Shea’s corporate office.

Shea Homes continued to build new homes in Southern California but they strived to take their business national. In 1989 they expanded homebuilding to  Arizona, in 1994 they moved into North Carolina and in 1996 they were building homes in Colorado too.

In the coming years, the Shea family of companies would expand to include Shea Properties, Shea Mortgage, Shea Venture Capitol and J. F. Shea Construction. But, the backbone of the company remains in Shea Homes, one of America’s most trusted home builders.

The Shea’s still have a strong foothold in the company and they strive to build beautiful and safe homes while providing a level of honesty and trust only a family can offer. With such a rich history it’s hard to deny that a Shea Homes is a great place to start living.



The History of Shea, Part 1

by Shea Homes Northern California on August 13, 2012

The Shea family of companies have been passed down through the generations of the Shea family since 1881. They have a rich history deeply rooted in making quality products, pursuing customer satisfaction, and maintaining integrity throughout the company as a whole.

In 1846, Austin Shea emigrated with his family from Ireland to America, and in 1855 John Francis Shea was born in Dayton, Ohio. As an adult, John Francis Shea, a determined and motivated individual, decided to move west in pursuit of good quality work. He made his way to San Francisco, California and landed a job in plumbing. After a year with the company, John decided to pursue his own plumbing company in Portland, Oregon. He moved and in 1881, John Francis Shea opened up his own plumbing shop called the “J.F. Shea Plumbing Company”. This was John’s first attempt at running his own business, and he, unlike many others at that time, found success.

John Francis Shea valued his family, and even in his success, he never forgot about them back in Ohio. In 1891, John’s sister Katie, sent him a letter thanking him for the $20 gold piece he had sent to the family. Speaking of family, John was eager to start his own with his wife Anna, and together, they had 9 children. John taught his children about success and integrity in business and several of those children would go on to further their father’s legacy.

“Diligent and successful in business, he [John Francis Shea] left the deep impress of his individuality upon his work, and he belonged to that class or men who, although modest and unassuming, nevertheless shape the character and influence the development of the communities in which they live. His ability and energy placed him in a position of leadership…[He] owed his prosperity to tireless effort, good management and close conformity to a high standard of commercial ethics…his many good qualities endeared him to all with whom he was associated.” – Shea Times, 1988.

 John Francis Shea

*This is Part 1 in a series of posts chronicling the history of Shea Homes. 



On May 27th, the Golden Gate celebrated its 75th anniversary. This is an especially poignant celebration for Shea Homes, part of the J.F. Shea Company who was one of the key builders of this American landmark. During the 1930’s, travel in the Bay Area was primarily done by ferry. Seeking to increase transportation opportunities in the area and better connect families and cities, the J.F. Shea Company, was commissioned to construct the bridge’s piers and abutments. The vertical load of each pier weighed in at almost 165 million pounds, with 44 feet above sea level and approximately 100 feet below. Industrialization was just beginning and the Golden Gate Bridge project was one of the most complex ever undertaken at that time. The foundations of the bridge were the deepest that had ever been set. Constructing the piers was extremely challenging given the ferocious tides of up to seven knots as well as constantly shifting winds, blinding fog and frequent violent storms that are characteristic of the San Francisco Bay. In fact, this was considered by many on the crew as the most difficult construction of their careers.

The project was also a significant challenge for the company as it was simultaneously building the Hoover Dam and the Bay Bridge along with the Golden Gate Bridge. The building of the Golden Gate Bridge was also notable for several firsts in heavy construction. For the first time, strict safety standards for dress were enforced. It was the first major job on which hard hats were required. Although commonplace today, the construction of the bridge was also the first to use trucks that mixed as well as carried concrete. This architectural gem held the title of longest suspension bridge in the world for many years and is still hailed as a triumph of modern construction.

Although the official anniversary has passed, the celebrations continue all year long, visit the Bridge’s website for more details. If you’re interested in how this seemingly impossible project came to life, you’ll want to see the documentary about the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge at the Fort Point National Historic Site.

Sunsets with the Golden Gate Bridge looming in the background are always special in San Francisco. To view the bridge at the height of light, there’s a sundial map to help you out.

To see more photos of the construction of the bridge, check out the special exhibit: The Golden Gate Bridge – An Icon that Changed Marin at the Marin History Museum through September 1st.

Help Shea Homes celebrate this marvel of modern architecture all month. You have the chance to win a trip to San Francisco in our Golden Gate Getaway just by visiting one of our Shea Homes Facebook pages. We hope wherever you live, you have the chance to enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge this year.


Behind the Scenes with Delta Touch2O® Technology

May 14, 2012

Hopefully, by now you have heard that Shea Homes is giving away, not one, but six Delta Touch2O® faucets this month. If you haven’t entered yet to win, be sure to click here for your chance at one of these amazing faucets. If you’re wondering how a Touch2O® faucet could change life in the kitchen, […]

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Make Life Easier with Just One Touch Giveaway

May 1, 2012

Win a Delta Touch2O® faucet from Shea Homes We all know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. But at Shea Homes, we also believe that every part matters. That’s why we don’t compromise on quality and every Shea home comes standard with name brand products like Delta faucets. In fact, to […]

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Mortgage Insurance Rates Increasing on FHA Loans

March 21, 2012

  FHA Mortgage Insurance Rates Will Be Going Up on All New Loans Assigned April 9, 2012 and After. FHA Loans are loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). These insured loans minimize the risk lenders face by allowing buyers a down payment less than 20% of the price of the home. FHA Loans […]

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ENERGY STAR® Appliances — Save Money And Go Greener!

April 20, 2011

Did you know that most Shea homes are equipped with ENERGY STAR® appliances?  That means that from the moment you step foot into your new home, you are going greener (and saving some green).  We want to help your family’s conservation efforts. The major appliances in your home — refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers — account […]

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