10 Fun Ways to Know Your House is Now YOUR Home

by Shea Homes on March 4, 2015

Make a House Your HomeWe all know the saying “there’s no place like home.” But do we really understand what qualities truly make a house a home? Is it the vibrant wallpaper you chose for your accent wall or the antique armoire passed through generations of family that is now the statement piece of the master bedroom?

Furniture and floorplans are merely one half of the equation. The other half consists of the moments you and your loved ones create together. While this might take some time, you can click your heels three times, repeat those magic words and wish– or just follow the fun tell-tale signs below – to know that you are well on your way home!

1.    The landlord no longer stops by.

The days of writing that monthly rent check are over. You have planted roots and are enjoying the freedom of making personalized decor and landscaping decisions that renters don’t have the opportunity to make. Making the decision to own vs. rent is a clear sign that you are on the path to homemaking.

2.    The kitchen is for cooking.

When you first move in to your new house, the countertops sparkle. The oven glistens. Fear of spoiling the immaculate appliances that you’ve been waiting years to have sets in.  Luckily, these anxieties associated with getting that untouched, new kitchen dirty do pass and you’ll actually start cooking on that pristine stovetop instead of just adoring it!

3.    The walls aren’t lonely.

Your living room looks more a like a museum and deciding what to do with that blank canvas can be a daunting task. The home transformation begins when those blank walls have been replaced with photos of family reunions, holiday get-togethers, weddings, vacations and more.  Family members literally grow up before your eyes and while loved ones may not always physically be there, the memories will! (If framing and other homemaking décor is getting pricey, try these DIY tips as well.)

4.    Tables also function as foot rests.

The perfect footrestFor the first month or two, feet were not allowed on any surface besides the ground. As your house becomes a home, feeling comfortable and cozy begins to outweigh preserving that new sofa upholstery.  Feet are allowed on the couch (and coffee tables in some cases) because at this point, you are no longer worried about a little dirt and are ready to relax.

5.    There are no more kitchen guessing games.

Organizing the kitchen is a critical task in the move-in process. While putting the blender in the bottom cabinet on the right side of the oven made perfect sense while unpacking, it now takes opening five different cabinet doors to find it. You know that you are finally settling into your home when you can open the correct cabinet to find what you are looking for on the first time – instead of the third, fourth…or fifth!

6.    Strangers next door are now neighbors.

New neighbors moving in can feel like a bit of a threat. Will they be too loud? Will they let their lawn and flowers die? They seem like strangers invading the pleasant, peaceful streets that the rest of the neighborhood has called home for years.  Yet, with a little time and a trip to greet the couple next door with some goodies, those suspicious stares begin to transform into welcoming smiles. Let’s face it, you never know what type of neighbors you’re going to get!

7.    The mystery junk drawer is no mystery at all.

Categorized by miscellaneous, the junk drawer is already an oxymoron in itself. Which is why it makes even more sense that while this drawer may be a mystery to everyone else, it makes perfect to sense you!

8.    No mess no stress is an old wives’ tale.

Don't Cry Over Spilled MilkWe can all empathize with the first time a glass of red wine spills on the new carpet. After all, we want everything to stay spotless and new forever.  Yet, the more we stress about making a mess, the less we actually live and enjoy our new home. With time, the realization that a little spilled milk (or even wine) is nothing to cry about begins to set in.

9.    The dog earns a spot at the table.

These cute canines are named man’s best friend for a reason. Despite your best attempts to resist and protect that new sofa, those persuasive puppy eyes get you every time. You are well on your way home once the dog has reclaimed his spot on the couch (on the bed and by the table also count)! If this point particularly speaks to you, you might want to check out SHEA’s pet friendly home options.

10.    The “AH-HA, this is home” moment occurred.

You’ve now run through the list – family pictures hung…check! Cooking in the kitchen…check!  Dog on the couch…sighcheck! So, what’s next? Your house is truly a home when you realize the company you keep is all you need to complete the homemaking process, and that there is no other place you would rather be.


When did you know your house was your home? Share your moments below!


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