10 Unique (and Appreciated) Wedding Gift Ideas

by Shea Homes on June 27, 2015

Unique wedding gifts the happy couple will actually want to receive.As soon as the save-the-date arrives, many people start frantically searching for the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple. When it comes to the modern day wedding gift, guests are really starting to think outside the box. While registries still exist, they’re not as much the norm. Brides and grooms have also gotten quite creative. Fewer couples are spending time picking out china patterns or kitchen appliances that may gather dust in the “Land of Misfit Gifts”. Many people are getting married later or for a second time, so they often already have the household items they need. With this in mind, and the summer wedding season upon us, we decided to share 10 original wedding gift ideas. You’ll be relieved to hear that most of these can be purchased online with a simple click of your mouse!

1. Honeyfund

One thing that hasn’t gone by the wayside is honeymoons. If anything, they’ve gotten even more lavish. Whether the happy couple is glamping in Santa Barbara for a week or trekking in Nepal for a month, they’re going to need money to fund their trip. Paying for a honeymoon after just cutting the last check for the wedding can be scary, and many couples end up postponing their honeymoon until they can save a little more. That’s why Honeyfund is the perfect solution. Guests can choose to put their money towards different categories like sightseeing, romantic dinners, and, of course, the almighty airfare. Plus, memories from the trip will last a lifetime, while that silver serving dish may eventually tarnish.

2. Home Delivery Meal Service

Grocery shopping and making meals each night is something a newly married couple may not want to do after a long day at work. Help the newlyweds keep the magic alive by getting them started with a meal delivery service like Plated or Blue Apron. Most of these services provide healthy food options (think hormone-free meat, sustainable seafood, and fresh veggies) for two people, three nights a week. Depending on the service, the ingredients may come chopped or they may have to do a bit of the work themselves. Sous prep can be surprisingly romantic!

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Ashleigh November 13, 2015 at 1:09 pm

Love these ideas! My husband & I received a personalized cutting board with our wedding invitation design engraved on it. It is absolutely beautiful & such a fun way to cherish all the work we put into creating our invitations. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts we received & I love it!! I now purchase personalized cutting boards as wedding gifts for our friends, and have ordered several for Christmas gifts as well.

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