10 Ways to Upgrade Mom’s Outdoor Living Space

by Shea Homes on May 2, 2017

Outdoor living spaces give you the chance to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air from the comfort of your home. You can get a little bit of sunshine, relax, and entertain family and friends. This Mother’s Day, why not give mom an outdoor space where she’ll truly love spending her time? With the right design and decoration, you can make an outdoor space one of the best places in the house. Here are ten ideas to jumpstart your outdoor design planning, whether you’re thinking about buying a new home, in the process of choosing your floorplan and deciding what outdoor spaces to incorporate, or want to update your current outdoor living space.

1. Make Sure You Have Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating can make all the difference when it comes to actually using your outdoor living spaces. We love how this small but mighty outdoor area maximizes space, while incorporating natural design elements, and a shade to keep you comfortable and protected from the sun. This is the type of environment you’d find yourself wanting to spend time in.

Serra Community P3 Porch in Vista, California

2. Choose an Accent Color for Your Décor

This spacious backyard features multiple seating areas and open space. The fun turquoise accent color for the décor brings a pop of color and a sense of continuity. This Orange County home is channeling beachy vibes with this splash of aquatic colors.

Crestline Community Plan 1 Outdoor Retreat in Lake Forest, California

 3. Go Drought-Resistant with Hardscape

Get creative with your hardscape – the hard materials such as paths, walls, and pebble ‘floors’ that can be incorporated into your outdoor space. This can be an addition to your typical “landscaping,” which includes natural plants and features. With the right hardscape elements, you can bring your own style to the outdoor space. Hardscape has the added advantage of being drought-tolerant, which can save you money on your water bill and be far more convenient in terms of upkeep. This is also a big plus if you’re living somewhere like California, where drought conditions can necessitate limited watering by law (and having grass can be expensive!).

Serra Community Plan 1 Porch in Vista, California 

4. Bring the Comforts of Inside with an Outdoor Rug

This outdoor room feels even homier with the addition of an outdoor rug.

Vista Dorado Community Plan 5 Courtyard in Brentwood, California

5. Gather Around a Fire Pit

A cozy fire pit can be a great place to gather around with the family, and make for the perfect setting to cook up some s’mores. The different types of seating here create a place for everyone, and big pillows add a splash of color and make the seating experience all the more comfortable.

Serra Community P2 Porch in Vista, California

6. Break Up a Large Outdoor Area with Distinctive Spaces

This luxurious Outdoor Retreat in the Rancho Mission Viejo area of Orange County features distinctive spaces, including a dining area, comfortable lounging area, and even a garden for harvesting your own fruits and vegetables.


Alondra Community Residence 3 Outdoor Retreat in Rancho Mission Viejo, California

7. Get Some Cute New Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can be a fun way to update a space style-wise and add to the comfort of outdoor seating and can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can also use throw pillows to add a pop of color and bring personality to a space.


Vista Dorado Community Plan 3 California Room in Brentwood, California

8. Bring in a Lovely Plant

A new plant is an easy way to get an outdoor space some new energy. Plants can add a touch of color and bring a sense of nature and calm. You can pick from a variety of different plants, which means that there is really something for everyone’s unique style. Science has even shown that plants can have a positive impact on people, like reducing stress.

Serra Community Plan 1 in Vista, California

9. Bring on the Breeze with a Ceiling Fan to Stay Cool

This overhead ceiling fan fits right in with the surroundings of this outdoor living space, bringing the relief of a cool breeze so you can enjoy the fresh air even on hot days. You’ll appreciate having this cost-effective way to cool down.

Harmony Community 5128 Plan Outdoor Living in Spring, Texas

10. Make it Fun with Outdoor Entertainment 

A ping pong table can provide endless entertainment for friends and family. There are tons of different outdoor games that bring people together to enjoy themselves outside. You could also consider speakers, even if it’s a portable speaker, to bring the music outside, which makes for a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Crestline Community Plan 2 in Lake Forest, California

What feature is highest on your wish list for your outdoor living space? Share with us in the comments below.



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