4 Ways to Enhance Your Backyard for Summer

by Shea Homes Northern California on July 8, 2015


Tired of your boring back yard? Spruce it up with these 4 fabulous ideas from Modernize.com guest contributor Bryn Huntpalmer! Enhancing your backyard will create an oasis for you, and a great gathering place for friends and family. Check out these great ideas, then leave us your idea in the comments!

Add a Natural Pool
Natural pools are a recent phenomenon or an ancient one depending on how you look at it. The basic idea is that you can have a swimming hole in your backyard that doesn’t require any chemicals or weekly maintenance. Natural pools use a gentle filtration (gentle enough that a frog can pass through safely) and the proper placement of plants that are suited for water. The plants are actually what keeps the pool clean by naturally filtering the water and balancing the pH of the whole system. Not only are these pools a really cool water feature to add to your backyard but they are also a great place to cool off if you live in a hot climate.

Nature Pool

Via Modernize

Invest in Bug-deterring Plants
Summer is the time of year that we all want to spend outside enjoying the long days and warm weather but unfortunately this is also the time that the bugs are out in full force. I never really realized the full nuisance of mosquitoes and ants until I had kids who are constantly getting into ant piles or getting eaten alive by mosquitos. I want all of these bugs to get out of my yard but I wary of using harsh chemicals in a backyard that my children play in all day. Luckily there are a few plants you can invest in that naturally deter these annoying pests. You should head to your local garden center and ask for advice since the best plants will vary based on the region you live in but a few that I love are: citronella, marigolds and lavender. Here is more info about bug-deterring plants.

Create A Drink Station
If you live in an area that faces scorching hot days in the summer then the threat of dehydration is very real. While it’s easy enough to go inside and grab a drink when you are thirsty, it’s also easy to ignore your thirst in favor of one more time down the slide or one more round of darts. If you have a drink station conveniently placed outdoors your children and guests are much more likely to grab a drink when they really need one. This can be as simple as a water jug and cups or you can really do it up with an adorable drink cart, sliced fruit and a mini icemaker!

Set Up Fun Games
Summer is great for barbeques and conversation with loved ones but if you want to take your party to the next level we suggest outfitting your backyard with some classic but surprisingly really fun games! Try crochet, hopscotch, or even a slip ‘n slide to keep your guests entertained and talking about how your house is coolest hang out spot!

Check out Modernize.com for more outdoor living ideas!

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