School’s Out! 5 Summer Activities to Keep Your Family Cool and Entertained

by Shea Homes Arizona on May 27, 2016

Summer Activities Photo credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture on Flickr

Congratulations parents, you did it! You successfully dropped off, packed lunches, helped with homework and guided your kiddos through another school year. Now the time has come to soak up summer days, encourage adventure, embrace the crazy and to laugh until your sides hurt – make memories.

To help fill all of this newfound free time and to avoid the dreaded “I’m bored”, we have compiled a list of simple, cost-effective activities to keep your kiddos active this summer.

1.) Paint slide
Paint Slide Photo credit: Josh Griffin from

This one is a blast for children (& parents) of all ages and the best part – it costs close to nothing to construct! Simply grab an old tarp out of the garage or ask a neighbor if they have one they would be willing to let you borrow. Then, pick up a few shades of inexpensive, washable/non-toxic paint from your nearest store and slide!

2.) Water balloon piñatas
Water Balloon Pinatas Photo credit: Peggy Wang from BuzzFeed

Triple-digit days are no match for this refreshing rendition of the piñata. When you can’t stand to be cooped up in the house any longer – put on your suit, fill up some water balloons, tie them to the nearest outdoor tree and grab a broom on your way out – it’s popping time!

3.) Shaving cream rain clouds
Shaving Cream Rain Clouds Photo credit: Debbie from

Leave the raincoat and the sunscreen inside – this activity involves make- believe rain and is safe for the indoors. All you will need is an eye dropper, water, a clear glass, shaving cream and food coloring. Not only is it a fun activity, but it can be used to teach your kiddos about precipitation and the water cycle.

4.) Glow in the dark bowling
Glow in the Dark Bowling Photo credit: Growingajeweledrose

When the summer sun gets to be too much, turn off the lights and create your own bowling league – made up of friends, family and neighbors. Some indoor DIY cosmic bowling is sure to keep you cool all summer long. All you need is six to 10 empty water bottles, different colored glow sticks and a ball (note: glow sticks can be placed in empty hamster balls to make the ball glow in the dark too). Ready, set, bowl!

5.) Water balloon batting practice
Water Balloon Batting Practice Photo credit: Maitland Quitmeyer from BuzzFeed

Get in some batting practice and stay cool this summer with some good ol’ water balloon batting practice. Whether you’re pitching or hitting – the whole family is bound to get some good laughs and to slide into the splash zone with this fun summer activity.

Looking for some more inexpensive, fun-filled activities to do with your kids this summer? Check out this free printable list from Chelsey at Mother’s Niche:

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