5 Thoughtful Things We Do to Reduce Sound From Condo to Condo

by Shea Homes Arizona on October 21, 2016


Before planning the construction of our Shea Homes® condos here in Arizona, our leadership team toured west coast condo communities and met with construction professionals to understand any challenges and how-to best approach building a condo community buyers will want to be a part of. One of the biggest challenges noted during these tours and industry discussions, surrounded noise reduction.

While we can’t guarantee you will hear absolutely no sound, from condo to condo, we can say we’ve worked hard to significantly reduce it.

Starting with soft-close technology.


Soft-Close TechnologyEvery kitchen and bathroom cabinet is equipped with soft-close technology, which keeps cabinet doors and drawers from slamming. This significantly reduces the chances anyone will hear doors slamming or drawers closing.


Plumbing SystemSince no one needs to know every time you shower, or use the bathroom, we’ve aimed to lessen the sound related to waste water by wrapping water waste lines with a sound reducing pipe insulation. This product muffles the sound going through water pipes, reducing the overall noise caused by toilets, sinks, and showers.


Floor SystemOften first floor condo seekers want to know, will I be able to hear people walking or stomping upstairs? The short answer is, sometimes.

To learn more about our sound reducing flooring system, check out the video below.


Separation of SpaceCenter or middle condo buyers are not only concerned with noise coming from below or above, but also from condos directly on the sides of them.

To learn more about our highly engineered shared wall system, check out the videos below.

Shared Wall system at Carino Villas:

Shared Wall system at Vantage:


Sound Reducing AccessoriesLED lights are said to be energy efficient, and a potential long-term money saver. So how does this help with reducing sound in a condo? Well, we install surface mounted LED can lights in each condo, instead of traditional recessed can lights. Surface fixtures reduce the number of penetrations in the ceiling to reduce the possibility of sound traveling through the ceiling. Our LED lights are installed on the surface, with a tiny hole in the ceiling for power supply.

Additionally, all electrical outlets are sealed behind the walls to reduce sound traveling between electrical outlets.
Electrical OutletsWe have worked hard to significantly reduce noise from condo to condo, and look forward to your visit to any one of our condo communities. Feel free to tour our Chandler community, Carino Villas and/or our Ahwatukee Foothills community, Vantage. For directions, floor plans, and office hours, please visit our website by clicking here.

Not sure if you can make it today? Check out some photos from both Vantage and Carino Villas!

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