5 Ways to Cozy Holidays

by Shea Homes Northern California on December 22, 2011

The holidays are upon us and so is the winter season. It’s a time to snuggle up indoors and escape from the cold. Even here in sunny California, the temperature does drop and we look for ways to get warm in winter. Here are five ways to cozy your home for the holidays:

  1.  Sip Something Steamy: Hot drinks are a great way to warm yourself from the outside in! There are so many great ones too—hot chocolate for the kids, hot toddies for the adults, mulled wine and cider. If you are going out to look at lights, pack some to go in a thermos and keep warm on the journey.
  2. Pile on the Blankets: Get under something soft and warm. Electric blankets are great way to warm up quick. Throughout the year keep an eye out for great throws so that you have a nice pile to pull out for guests. Don’t worry about matching, either. This is good time to bring out things that are fun and seasonal too. If you have someone to cuddle with under the blankets, even better!
  3. Bring Warmth with Fire: Though the weather outside is frightful, the fire is so delightful…Whether you have a traditional chimney, gas fireplace or none at all, there are many ways to bring fiery warmth to your home. Candles and fragrance burners bring a nice glow and radiate some heat to make you feel merry and bright. They are great for those without fireplaces too. 
  4. Create Cozy through Scent: Our nose knows cozy. Your home’s fragrance should change with the seasons as this will help to create the feeling of warmth too. Spicier fragrances like cinnamon and cloves are great for this. Also anything that is woodsy.
  5. Slip on Slippers: Your feet can often dictate your cozy factor. Don’t walk around your home on ice blocks. As soon as you get in from the cold have slippers waiting at the door to immediately defrost. Lambs wool boots that have only seen the indoors also do well for making feet cozy.  

 We love this time of year when get to be snug and warm. What about you? How do you get cozy during the holidays?

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