7 ways to Speed up Spring Cleaning {Free Printable Checklist Included}

by Shea Homes on May 7, 2015

Speed-up-sping-cleaningWhen the flowers start to bloom and the birds begin to chirp, only one thing can be around the corner: spring cleaning. After months of in-home hibernation, sunlight finally peaks through your windows, highlighting the crammed corners and dusty shelves of your home. To tackle this sometimes intimidating task, we’ve broken down 7 easy spring cleaning tips and tricks that will pack the biggest punch. If reading our tips gets you inspired, print out our 7 Day Cleaning Checklist to maintain your “spring-cleaned” house all year long!

Tip 1: Neglected Nooks

Whether you are an “under the sink stuffer,” or an occasional “behind the TV tosser,” your home probably has some areas that feel neglected. Cheer them up by giving them a little elbow grease! Cleaning those areas can drastically change how clean your home looks and feels. Plus, you may even find that missing sock or your child’s favorite toy you’ve been hunting for.

Tip 2: Donation Pile

Clutter can come about in mysterious ways. One of the reasons we hold onto things, or scatter them out all around our home, is because throwing things away feels wasteful. Luckily for us, many things can be donated that we wouldn’t even think of! Books and magazines can be donated to your local library, old towels and bedding can be donated to animal shelters, clothes and even old dishware and toys can be donated to certain charities and community resource centers, while gently used furniture can be dropped off at second hand stores. To make this process easy and ongoing, put a bin in cluttered rooms of your house labeled “Donations”, and fill each bin continually during your spring cleaning. You will feel better about being able to give back, all while clearing out more room in your home!

Tip 3: Banish Hairballs

at home dog spa

It could be those pups and other pets we love so much, or just your normal shedding after a good blow-out, but hair covering your home’s surfaces is not ideal. Unfortunately, just vacuuming can be difficult to remove all the hair, and don’t even try to go through all your upholstery with a lint brush (you’ll never be done)! Instead, try this tip: wipe down surfaces with damp rubber kitchen gloves. {Tweet this tip!}  Watch this video to see a rug transformed from dirty to dazzling!

Tip 4: DIY Cleaning Products

You may have a cabinet full of brand name cleaning products, but this year, try making your own DIY green cleaning products. They work great and will put you at ease when you see pets or little ones scooting around on the floor. You can use the all-purpose cleaner for all areas of your home, and try specific mixes for cleaning products on surfaces like tile, toilets, sinks and glass. Check out these homemade cleaning concoctions we found on Pinterest that can be made from items you probably already have at home.

*Bonus Tip* While running hot water in your sink, put half of a freshly cut lemon, followed by a cup of apple cider vinegar down your garbage disposal. It will take away the dingy smell of leftovers from your kitchen and leave your house smelling fresh! {Tweet this tip!}

Tip 5:  Bright Idea

While wiping down the lampshades may be on your weekly cleaning list, it’s easy to forget about the light bulbs inside and how much work they do to create the atmosphere in our home. Light bulbs are a magnet for dust and can alter the light highlighting your beautiful home – plus dust may irritate any allergies you may have. Check out HGTV’s tips for cleaning your light bulbs, and make your house that much brighter!

Tip 6: Mail Order

One of the biggest clutter-causers is our collection of daily mail. We love running to the mailbox and opening the door to see a stack of letters sent “just for us,” but once we see it is junk, the mail usually gets abandoned on your kitchen table. Make it a priority to sort through your mail every day. Immediately recycle junk mail, and make a special place to keep important mail for further reading. You will have to sort through it eventually; why not right now?

Tip 7: Cleaning Command Center

Once you get on a spring cleaning roll, don’t give yourself any excuse to quit (i.e. sponges are nowhere to be found, the dustpan has separated from the broom). Organizing your cleaning supplies, and keeping them in central locations, makes starting your task a lot easier.

*Bonus Tip* Leave a separate set of cleaning supplies upstairs, making it easier to get to work on both levels! {Tweet this tip!}

Feeling the itch to start your spring cleaning!? Download our printable 7 Day Cleaning Checklist to begin transforming your wrecked winter house into a sparkling spring home!

*Bonus Tip* When you are cleaning, it can be easy to get distracted! Setting a timer can keep you focused, and dedicated to finishing the tasks you set to clean each room. Keep a list handy of tasks you want to complete when you are cleaning that space! {Tweet this tip!}


Love to hate spring cleaning? Leave a comment below and tell us what spring cleaning chore you dread doing, but feel amazing when it’s finished!

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