8 Productivity Apps to Help Lower the Labor in Your Home

by Shea Homes on September 3, 2015

8 Apps to help the productivity in your homeAfter a long day of work, meetings and finally getting yourself to the gym, when you step inside your inviting front door, the aura of the sofa is often too strong to resist. The next time you find yourself perched upon the comfort of your couch, too comfortably content to sort out the lights from the darks in your hamper and with no landlord to call to repaint that mark in the paint you made, consider downloading some of the following apps to help you organize your chores, and, in some cases, provide ways for you to contract out your to-do list.

1. Dashlane

When you moved into your own home, you may have been overwhelmed by the contacts and passwords you must now keep track of. Your mortgage payment, utilities, cable, internet, phone, trash, and many other services require you to remember your account number, password and possible other detailed information about your account. Since posting all these account details up on your fridge is frowned upon (remember, your credit card is probably attached to many of them!), try Dashlane – an app that easily allows you to store all of your password information securely.

Dashlane helps you remember your passwords.

2. Simplenote

While there are many other apps out there that offer similar – and additional – functions, Simplenote is perfect in its simplicity. This app allows you to transfer notes from your phone to computer, organize notes with tags and collaborate via email. It’s the perfect place to jot down errands you need to do as they come to mind, your football game-day grocery list, as well as store a wish-list of DIY projects or gardening inspirations.
Simplenote for to-do lists

3. BrightNest

This one may seem counterintuitive at first as the app actually “assigns” you chores. However, if you’re someone who needs help organizing and prioritizing your home’s to-do list and would appreciate tips on how to complete each chore to its optimum, BrightNest is for you. Each week, you’ll receive a curated, suggested to-do list (complete with time estimates) based on your home’s features and if you decide you want Handy, Creative Green, Cleaning, Savvy and/or Healthy tips for around the home. It’s a way to make home maintenance a little more fun – and, you may even learn a thing or two about how to best complete the chores you’ve already been doing.

4. Thumbtack

Rather have someone else complete your to-do list than DIY-it? Enter what you need to be done into Thumbtack and within a few hours you’ll receive a quotes from professionals – complete with profiles, reviews and easy to obtain contact information. Bonus – this app doesn’t only cover honey-do-list chores, if you’ve been tasked with finding a music instructor for your kids, Thumbtack can assist you with that as well.

Thumbtack App

5. PaperKarma

Find yourself constantly collecting junk mail from around your home and needing to toss it (which only requires you to have to take out the recycling sooner!)? Start snapping pics of unwanted mail with PaperKarma. The app will work to stop these mailings – cleaning up your surface areas and saving some paper in the process.

6. TaskRabbit

Similar to Thumbtack, TaskRabbit is a tool to help you get all your tasks completed. However, the Taskers at TaskRabbit will complete any chore around the home or run just about any errand you could possibly need done. Can you say, “lifesaver?”

Get people to run your errands with TaskRabbit

7. Handy

No time to clean your house before guests come over? Handy is perfect. You can book a home cleaning appointment through the app, leave your keys with the Handy employee, head to work and return to a clean home. The service also lets you request add-ons, like cleaning the fridge or folding laundry. While reoccurring services are easy to set up and keep, make sure you cancel if you don’t want this service to be ongoing.

Get a house cleaner with Handy

8. Food Delivery Service

There are a few different options when it comes to food delivery. If you just can’t stand the crowds and lines on a Sunday afternoon at the grocery store, but love the art of cooking, consider getting an app that shops for you, like Instacart. If you’re not enough of a recipe connoisseur to plan out your own restaurant-grade menu, try a service like Plated or BlueApron, which will deliver you all the ingredients, with recipes, you’ll need for a week’s worth of amazing meals – minimal prep needed.

If you use your kitchen more as a décor statement than a functional space, make sure you have Eat24, DoorDash or Foodler downloaded and ready at-a-tap. You can find the food you want to eat and these services will bring them to your door – just in case your local favorite eatery doesn’t deliver themselves.

Tell us below of any additional apps you find help you out around the house. And, if you’re still a little “old-school” and rather write down your chores, click on the free printable, daily to-do list below.

Printable To Do List


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