6 Affordable Places to Travel this Summer if You’re Saving for a House

by Shea Homes on June 30, 2017

where to travel when you're saving for a houseJust because you’re saving for a house doesn’t mean you can’t still travel. While everyone’s personal financial situations are different, it’s good to know that it’s possible to travel this summer without breaking the bank.

First, you should know that saving for a home isn’t something you should necessarily see as a complete burden to your financial health, but also keep in mind, if you are already in the midst of purchasing a home, you may want to delay any large travel plans until you are fully approved with all documentation in to your lender. And, even then, make sure you are back home 90 days prior to your home being complete!

So now that you know that future home ownership is probably not as out of reach as you may have thought, let’s go over the 6 cheaper places to travel during the summer of 2017 that will help you stay on track while you save to put a down payment on a house.

1. Porto, Portugal

Porto Portugal Where to Travel When Saving for a House

The second largest city in Portugal behind Lisbon is also the place that gives the port wine its name. This gorgeous city on the Douro River brings together history and modernity. Experience the old town that is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, drink the wine, and soak up the vibrancy of this art-infused city. Did we mention the weather is pretty much perfect in Porto? Say hello to 70-degree temps during June through September. Inexpensive lodging is readily available, the food is reasonably priced, and public transportation makes getting around budget-friendly.

2. Berlin, Germany

Another city that combines the past and present, Berlin brings history, a lively art scene, outdoor markets, decadent chocolate cake, and of course, good pretzels and beer. Take advantage of some of the free art exhibitions to get your art fix. Not ready to put money down on a fancy dinner? You can satisfy your culinary ambitions with incredible street foods. And there are even free musical concerts to find throughout the summer months.

3. Tirana, Albania

Albania Where to Travel When Saving for a House

Albania’s picturesque country boasts both beautiful mountains and the ocean. In Albania, you can enjoy the local wine, get your hike on, and sample from the local delicacies. Albania can be very affordable, with meals, lodging, and even shopping often significantly less expensive than anything in the United States. You can even travel to UNESCO World Heritage sites in Albania, where there are well-preserved ancient ruins. A bus ride from Sarande to Butrint is only a couple euros. You can also take an excursion to the Butrint UNESCO World Heritage site as one of the stops on your tour for a very reasonable price.

4. BelizeBelize Where to Travel When Saving for a House

Enjoy the beauty and laid-back coastal atmosphere of this Central American country on a trip this summer to Belize. With gorgeous beaches, this destination attracts snorkelers and scuba divers alike. Get your fill of nature with birdwatching, hikes, and archeology. If you dig history, you can also explore many Mayan sites, which have ancient temples, tombs, and pyramids. It only costs around $5 to tour the ruins, making it an affordable activity. Fruit lovers, welcome. There’s an abundance of fresh fruit and it’s easy to come by for relatively cheap.

5. Bulgaria

Bulgaria Where to Travel When Saving for a House


Affordability, friendly locals, a rich culture, and beauty abound in Bulgaria. This is another European country with incredible history to explore. You can also get into museums and attractions for low prices, which makes getting acquainted with local culture easy and fun. While travel can be relatively cheap in this country, you may opt for buses instead of trains to get to your destinations faster

6. Do a Staycation 

Staycation Where to Travel When Saving for a House


If paying for airfare is not in your immediate future, you could go somewhere within driving distance for a day or weekend trip. Or, you might realize that there’s plenty to enjoy in your own town, and indulge in a staycation. After all, isn’t one of the best parts of traveling experiencing the vacation state of mind? Do it right and you can achieve it without having to fly across the world.

Bonus Tips for Budget-Friendly Travel:

  • Set a travel alert in advance to get notifications of when flights drop in price
  • Consider renting a room or home instead of a hotel
  • You can get better deals if you are flexible about the dates you travel
  • Travel light to avoid extra baggage fees – this will also make getting to your destination easier, too

If you’re thinking about buying a new home sometime in the near future, check out our guide to the home buying process. We’re a little biased because we’re so passionate about creating an exceptional home buying experience– but we do think it’s possible to enjoy the experience! Having the information you need, creating a plan to save for your down payment, and working with people you trust can help alleviate a lot of stress. Once you realize it’s possible to work towards buying your own home without sacrificing other life experiences such as travel, it feels a lot less limiting. We encourage you to enjoy this exciting time in your life as much as possible.

Share your experience saving for a home! How are you finding creative ways to live the way you want to while still saving up to buy for a home? How do you make travel happen without sacrificing your budget?

Note: The information provided is accurate as of publishing date, but can change without notice. Please confirm any travel information independently prior to planning your trip.

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