Day Lighting Systems: Solar Tubes Supply Light Without Using Electricity

by joshe on August 14, 2012

Touching the Sun
As a homeowner, how do you bring in natural light without installing window replacements or expensive skylights? Or invite in the sunlight without increasing air-conditioning costs and fading the furniture? Is it possible to turn on the lights without using electricity? These riddles would be much more challenging had you not already glimpsed the headline. The answer is solar tube lights.

At Shea SPACES, where open floor plans rule the day and natural light is a key component for creating vivid, inviting, energy-efficient interiors, we’ve had great success with Solatube® Daylighting Systems. Strategically placed in kitchens and master bathrooms where windows aren’t as prominent, Solatubes are brightening up the SPACES interiors without increasing utility bills for homeowners. It’s simple sun-harnessing technology.

How Do Solar Tube Lights Work?

The Solatube pipe runs from the rooftop, where it collects daylight through a domed cap, to an interior space, where clean white light is delivered through something that looks and functions like a traditional recessed light fixture. Highly reflective piping then intensifies and guides the light to its intended destination. Essentially, it’s a tubular skylight without the skylight; A solar light without the solar panels.

Experience solar tube lights in action by visiting Shea SPACES, homes for sale in California, Colorado, and Arizona.

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