Design Insider: Discovering your personal style

by Shea Homes Arizona on October 12, 2012

You probably have a good idea of some of the colors you like for your home and you certainly know what styles you don’t like when it comes to interior décor.  But, it can be harder to figure out what styles, accents, colors, etc. will really come together to represent you and your family’s style.

Continuing our Design Insider series, we got together with Sylvia Sinclair of Renew Innovations again to see what tips she had up her sleeves to help homeowners discover their personal style. Sometimes a little expert guidance and encouragement is all it takes to find a style that fits you and your daily life. Take a look to see what she had to say:

Shea Homes: Everyone has personal preferences and styles, how do you see that play out when designing the interior of a home?

Sylvia Sinclair: To feel comfortable, your home has to reflect your lifestyle and interests. Whether that is an interest in art, cooking, sports, technology, etc. In the end, if your home has all of the elements you need and feels comfortable to you and the people you love, then you have a home run.

Shea Homes: If a homebuyer doesn’t know what their décor style is, where would you recommend they start?

Sylvia: Most of us have so many different dimensions to our lives and our home is a natural extension of that. There is no right or wrong answer if you have pieces that you love in your décor. I always recommend starting with what you know you like. For example, start with a piece that makes you “happy,” has comfort and function then the rest will fall into place.

Shea Homes: What advice would you give a couple with conflicting style preferences (i.e. one is very traditional and one is very contemporary)?

Sylvia: Ahhh… everyone’s favorite word…”eclectic.”  Traditional style is like an “oldie but a goodie,” but the great thing about it is that you can add a fresh twist to anything. Blending it together with a clean contemporary look will work every time. For example, you might use elements with smooth and simple lines that are very contemporary and combine them with warm traditional colors.

Shea Homes: Can one house incorporate different styles in different rooms? How can a homeowner do that and still maintain consistency throughout the house?

Sylvia: Yes a house can have several different styles incorporated into the design—in fact this can be a fun way to incorporate different personal tastes from each family member.  To maintain the flow throughout try keep one background, like one consistent color scheme or fabric pattern.

Shea Homes: Do you have any other thoughts about how a homebuyer can figure out what styles best suit their personality and lifestyle?

Sylvia: It’s like a great recipe, blending ingredients together for that perfect dish. Your home’s style is a direct reflection of your family and how you all live together. Memories of the past mixed with fresh new elements that allow everyone to feel at ease in the space. In the end it’s the people who make a house a home.

Be sure to stay tuned to the blog for some more tips and trends from Sylvia and Renew Innovations each month! Do you have any questions you’re dying to ask a professional interior designer? Leave a comment and your question might be included in the next edition of Design Insider!

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