Design Trends: Q and A with Gina Meno

by Shea Homes Arizona on April 12, 2013

We are excited to sit down with Gina Meno, Chief Creative Officer of Studio Dwell in Scottsdale about current interior design trends for this year and how she is implementing them in our new community, Marbella. For more information on Gina, Marbella and all that we’re up to at Shea Homes Arizona, visit our Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube channel!

Q: What type of design trends do you currently see in the market?

A: Great question, we have been focusing on two major design trends: A hot trend is the “Restoration Hardware” look, which is a blend of vintage and industrial inspired pieces. Driftwood finishes provide a rustic look combined with French inspired details, creating a fresh twist on a classic style.

1.1The other is the “Modern look”.  Clean lines which typically incorporate high gloss white or even bright lacquered colors, smooth finishes, and deep espresso stain. This style is simple and uncluttered and may be complimented with metallic accents.  Regardless of the direction, a big trend is in the details, which are being highly impacted with metallic “bling”. Whether it is silver, bronze, gold or gunmetal, it’s incorporated into accessories, artwork and layered into fabrics on drapery and pillows. 

Q: How are you implementing these design trends in the Marbella communities?

A: Shea Home’s new Marbella Vineyards community has taken classic architectural schemes and put a modern spin on it.  Our design direction will accomplish the same thing by coordinating the exterior scheme with the interior, strategically layering in a modern-take with furnishings, fabrics and accessories that is applicable to each individual model home style. 

Q: How do you fine tune these designs to reflect the Shea Family brand and message?

A: Shea Homes is passionate about their brand and their homebuyers having an emotionally positive experience through the home buying process.  Shea has taken into consideration that families live differently; their floor plans take this into consideration by accommodating these diverse family lifestyles.  Our job is to design the interior of these homes so they can demonstrate the unique options of each floor plan and demonstrate how the homebuyer could live in their new home.

Q: What specific designs in Marbella make it stand out from other Shea communities?1.2

A: Shea Homes did extensive studies on how families use their own home spaces and developed new floor plans based on that data.  Being innovative and understanding that within the shell of the home, rooms can be modified to fit each family’s own personal way of living.  The thoroughness of Shea Homes’ research has inspired them to develop a very visual sales experience.  With this new approach to a model complex, the collaboration and efforts needed to be seamless; we have been thrilled with the partnership and this fresh new approach.

Q: What trending home designs for 2013 are great for enduring the Arizona weather and climate?

1.3A: In Arizona we typically consider how our furnishings will hold up in bright sunlight, heat and the outdoor elements.  Indoor/Outdoor fabrics have come a long way and are a great asset to our climate, they are more durable, fade resistant, and offer many more styles, prints and softness.  Also with the current trend of incorporating lighter or whiter stains and finishes in case goods, this helps to create the feel of a cooler interior environment.

Q: What home styles and designs are a good fit for single-family homes and the lifestyle they are built for?

A: We have never had such great access to all types of design styles thanks to HGTV, Pinterest, Houzz, etc.  These websites provide examples to assist home owners in visualizing their own space and allows personalization to their home, fitting their needs and the way they prefer to live.  The trend towards taking your “everyday way of living” and incorporating that into the layout of your home creates a sense of organization and diminishes stress in today’s hectic lives.  Having a destination in your home for electronic charging station, pre-packed gear for weekly activities, etc. allows us the convenience of “grab and go”.

Have you incorporated any of the design elements that are trending right now into your home? Hopefully you have been inspired with some ideas to freshen up your home and mark your calendars to come and visit the model homes at Marbella when they open later this summer!

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