Expert Color Tips for Decorating Your New Home

by Shea Homes Northern California on December 20, 2011

At Shea Homes, we get to work with some really creative folks. The amazing interior designers at Creative Design Group work on many of our model homes, which people often tell us they love! We asked CDG to give some tips on using color in your home. We hope you enjoy and we send out a warm thank you to CDG for sharing their thoughts!

When moving into a new home, you have the opportunity to add new colors to your existing décor or start fresh. A new home is a canvas for creativity and color. But sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips on fearlessly adding color to your new home:

• Start with a favorite piece for color inspiration. If you have an area rug or piece of artwork that you love, use it as your color pallet. Find the most prominent color in your inspiration piece and buy accessories and a solid accent pillow in that color for instant punch. Paint an accent wall in the same color, and your house will coordinate beautifully.

•Create a big impact with vibrant complimentary colors. When selecting new accent colors, complimentary schemes are vibrant and exciting. For instance, yellow and violet are complimentary colors that work well with gray neutrals. Select a warm gray paint, like Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige, SW 7037, or it’s lighter counterpart SW 7036 Accessible Beige.

• Walls are the backdrop for all of the color in your house. Selecting a complimentary combination of neutrals is important with wall color. If your accent colors are warm colors, like red, orange and yellow, wall colors in the tan family look best. If your accent colors are cool, like blue, violet and green, then a gray pallet works well.

• Keep classic furnishings neutral. If you are purchasing furniture like a sofa, coffee table and dinner table for your home, and you plan on keeping it for several years, a neutral color is best. Plenty of color can be added with accent pillows and drapes. If you want to add a colorful piece of furniture, select a one-of-a-kind side table or bookcase. The accent piece will stand out and make a statement.

• Add color and interest with accessories. Lampshades add pattern and color to a room. Frame fabric as artwork. If you find a fabric pattern that you love, you can find a simple frame at to frame the fabric. This is a playful way to add color to a craft room or kid’s loft. If you have a bookcase or library full of books, you can remove the covers and organize the books by color. This creates a colorful and organized display.

If you are looking for design inspirations, Shea Homes has selected CDG to merchandise a new model at Bramasole in El Dorado Hills. The model will showcase a restoration hardware look with reclaimed wood furniture, metal accents and a pewter and citrus color scheme. Thanks again CDG!

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