4 Spring Gardening Ideas to Liven Up your Home

by Shea Homes on May 26, 2015

spring gardening ideas 2015Warm, fresh air and sunshine. Flowers in bloom. Vegetables growing in abundance. Spring is here! So, how can we take advantage of Mother Nature’s bounty at home? It’s time to start gardening.

Whether you’re growing a vast, flourishing garden in your back yard, or simply potting some plants on your patio or window sill, incorporating nature into and around your home adds a sense of rejuvenation and growth. Gardening in any shape or form is a fun way to let your personality shine. Create a bright flower arrangement that speaks to your bold state-of-mind, or plant a special herb that’s scent brings you a sense of nostalgia. Depending on the amount of space in your home, your level of commitment to the activity, and objective for having a garden in the first place, no two gardens will ever look the same – unless you want to copy one you found on Pinterest (we wouldn’t blame you).

Maybe you’ve dreamed of having a flourishing fairytale garden leading to your home? Or, you’re content with a simple succulent on your desk that adds just the right amount of natural sophistication to your home office. Whether you have a green thumb or not, everyone should be able to have a garden. Welcome spring to your home with these 4 ideas for making Mother Nature the guest of honor.

4 spring gardening tips for your home{Click to tweet this gardening quote!}

1)    Bring the outside indoors with potted herbs and flowers

One way to embrace the freshness of spring indoors is with homegrown herbs. The scent of a favorite herb transports you to the place of their natural origin – why not take a trip from the kitchen to the Italian or French countryside? When it comes to prepping cuisine, growing herbs also speaks to the inner Le Cordon Bleu chef we secretly aspire to be. When grown directly on your countertop or in your garden, fresh herbs reinforce the farm to table feel and local farmer’s market flair of your house. While growing and caring for the herbs provides a relaxing, fun pastime for you, their delicious taste and smell benefits everyone in your home.

To start your herb garden, first pick a location — keep in mind that herbs need at least six hours of sunlight, so look for sunny spots. The kitchen is often a prime location for herbs, keeping them close by to suit your cooking needs. You will need to place your indoor herb garden into a container that holds the soil and allows the root system to thrive. Plastic pots, ceramic containers and even reusable mason jars or tea cans can serve this purpose! Creating cute labels to identify your herbs will also increase your kitchen’s countertop appeal.

Growing herbs indoors offers two distinct advantages over growing outdoors: 1. Herbs are less likely to get eaten by bugs 2. Herbs can be maintained from the convenience of your countertop. Once you’ve chosen your spot, decide which herbs you would like to grow and what one’s will most likely  succeed under your growing conditions (click here to see which herbs grow best indoors).

2)    Pair function and fashion with a pallet garden


Vertical gardens are making a big statement in yards big and small. Not only are pallet gardens fashionable, they are a functional way to grow your favorite flowers, herbs and even veggies within a limited space.

If you’re set on growing fresh veggies, try planting squash, tomatoes, beans and peas, which grow well vertically. These veggies take advantage of the upward support, allowing them the space they need to grow healthy vines, without taking over the entire pallet. Another advantage of pallet gardens is that they are easily reusable. Once you’ve harvested a crop for one season, you can start planning another one.

Pallets are relatively inexpensive (sometimes even free!) and you can find them in many different places. Check at a small garden or hardware store, or ask a small business that receives regular shipments if they have any pallets you can take home. Try to find pallets that are in good condition so you can decrease the time cleaning or repairing them. If you want to further customize your pallet and give it a fresh spring feel, paint it with a vibrant color!


3)    Increase curb appeal with a window box or unique planter

Window box gardens are another option for growing fresh herbs or flowers and also add curb appeal to the exterior of your home. Conveniently located on your window sill, there is no need to go outdoors to maintain your garden, because all watering and harvesting can be done by simply reaching through the window (assuming you have a removable screen, of course).  Your flowers or herbs are also protected from extreme temperatures and are exposed to an ideal amount of sunlight as the sun changes its position throughout the day. Besides herbs from Mediterranean climates such as parsley and thyme, which require hot, sunny sites, most herb varietals flourish in the shade as well.

Window boxes come in an array of materials and range in size and price ($20-$100+). They can be found at most hardware stores or you create the actual box yourself. Instructions for assembling and hanging the actual box on your window sill will vary based on the type you create or purchase, but it typically takes one hour and is fairly straightforward.

You can also achieve a similar look with little dirt required, by potting your garden in a unique planter and placing it in your yard or front porch. There are several creative garden container ideas, such as painted used furniture, paint cans, shipping crates, wheelbarrows, and even old shoes. These original planters serve as fun, inventive flower pots, giving your flower garden personality and charm.


4)    Impress with terrarium gardens

Hanging terrarium gardens may appear daunting to produce, but don’t let the ornate nature fool you; they are surprisingly easy to create! To start, choose a space for your terrarium garden. Keep in mind that these types of gardens do best in diffused light – if it’s too bright the plants might overheat – consider placing on a table within a small conversation area. Then, select the glass container type, such as open dish, in a jar, or hanging glass, for your garden. Terrarium glass can be found in a quick online search, ranging in price ($10-$100) depending the shape and size. Next, grab the key materials including, rocks (pebbles, sea glass or marbles work too), sheet moss and soil, and then pick your plants! While humidity loving plants, such as ferns and ivy, work best for terrarium gardens, cactus and succulents are best for those of us who desire little maintenance work. Ready to get started? See how easy it is to build your own terrarium garden in our helpful DIY.

Keep in mind that these gardens are more ornamental than functional, so if you are looking to harvest your next meal from your garden, this may not be the option for you. Terrarium gardens add a simple elegance to any room and bring a sense of balance and calm to a household. They also provide health benefits by purifying the air and removing pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, from your home. Finally, maintenance is minimal with terrarium gardens. For most plants, a light misting of water every 2-4 weeks will do the trick!

At the end of the day, if gardening sounds more stressful than relaxing, pick up some fresh blooms at your local flower stand. Peonies and ranunculus are both in season right now and come in muted or bright buds – just arrange in a vase for instant beauty and spring infusion. Which gardening style is most attractive to you? Share your comments and any other gardening ideas below!

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