Feng Shui, Part 1: How you can lead a life of health, wealth & happiness through the layout of your home

by Shea Homes Arizona on January 24, 2014

While Shea Homes Arizona has incorporated Feng Shui in its homes before, we are now looking into it even further. Our Feng Shui Master, Denise Liotta-Dennis of Dragon Gate Feng Shui, LLC, is coaching us through the process so that our homeowners can live a life filled with prosperity. We interviewed Denise to catch all the details of Classical Feng Shui and how we at Shea Homes Arizona incorporate it into our homes.

photo1Can you start off by telling us your role with SheaHomes Arizona? I’m the Feng Shui Master for their Arizona projects. I was trained by an old Chinese Grandmaster who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For those of us who don’t truly know the definition, what is Feng Shui? Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of harnessing the natural forces of nature to promote prosperity, harmony, and vitality. It’s about making constructive changes in our lives by enhancing the human experience and benefiting from the energies of our living environment. Classical Feng Shui employs a body of laws and techniques that extract the energy of the environment that have been proven, used and handed down for over 3,000 years. Famous institutions and business moguls such as Steve Wynn, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Sir Richard Branson, Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bill Gates to name a few; utilize formulas of Classical Feng Shui when they design their multi-million dollar enterprises. A westernized version came to America about 30 years ago; this style unfortunately is not the same caliber as authentic, Classical Feng Shui.

How can people benefit from making Feng Shui photo2adjustments? Feng Shui was created to support people in very specific areas of life—creating opportunities for wealth-building, securing your health and enhancing all your relationships—romantic, family, co-workers and children. Energy is all around us, in and out of the buildings we live and work in; the ancient Chinese figured out some very significant things that would affect the human experience—for good or bad. The knowledge was considered so powerful that they secreted it away for thousands of years. It is said that Chinese dynasties were lost and gained through the powerful precepts of Feng Shui. Now that the ‘cat is out of the bag’, we here in the West may benefit greatly by incorporating it in our living and working environments. If your living space has not supported you in the three categories of Feng Shui, you may want to consider making some adjustments.

photo3Are there certain colors that follow Feng Shui? How do these colors affect a person’s mood? The use of color factors very little in Classical Feng Shui as either an enhancement or cure, less than 15%. I know that sounds odd with thousands of books and websites putting color front and center. Without a doubt, color will affect our moods, this has been proven scientifically. However, Feng Shui is not about altering our mood; it’s about increasing prosperity, securing our health and enhancing relationships. This is not accomplished by color; rather other important factors dealing with the overall energy of the site and the interior lay-out of your living space. Think about it, Feng Shui dates back thousands of years, there were no Home Depots offering hundreds of paint choices. Feng Shui professionals use red (fire) to stimulate certain energies, but where practical real fire– such as a stove, fireplace or decorative torches—is the superior enhancement. By the same token, certain areas of a home or business may want to avoid too much of the red family of paints (reds, purple, orange or pinks) as it may stimulate negative energy. However, having said even badly placed color will not prove to be detrimental as it is not as important as other aspects of Feng Shui that could bring disaster to your money or love life. 

Is Feng Shui design the same as interior design? No, Feng Shui and interior design are mutually exclusive. Humans are geared to appreciate and seek beauty; a well-designed building or interior will always affect us in a positive way. However, this will not necessarily translate into good energy. How many restaurants, with gorgeous interiors, have gone under and fallen into bankruptcy? So, a beautiful interior alone will not assure success or your ability to thrive. I’m fond of calling interior design the ‘look’ and Feng Shui the ‘feel’. When these two things come together—wow! You have quite the place when the energy (feel) and the design (look) form a harmonious experience that excites us. To ensure the success of any construction endeavor—new homes, restaurants, office building and so forth–the energy cannot be ignored. It must be designed and sited to have superior energy in order to support the owners, developers, patrons and buyers.

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