Feng Shui, Part 2: How you can lead a life of health, wealth and happiness through the layout of your home

by Shea Homes Arizona on February 14, 2014

Feng Shui Master, Denise Liotta-Dennis of Dragon Gate Feng Shui, LLC, is back and giving more informational details on Eastern Feng Shui and how it is incorporated into some of Shea Homes Arizona’s homes!

Does Feng Shui interfere with a person’s beliefs? Not at all; some people mistakenly believe Feng Shui is a religion—it is 1.1not. The westernized version of Feng Shui, which became so popular in America with New Age communities, incorporates some Buddhist overtones, so people came to think that it must be rooted in that philosophy. No matter your personal beliefs, Classical Feng Shui works to support the human experience.

How much time and money is needed to plan and then carry out Feng Shui in a home? Can one room be done at a time? Feng Shui professionals all charge a little differently—some by the hour, others by the size of the home or project. In any case, there is no such thing as looking at one room at time; the overall Feng Shui must be assessed prior to any recommendations. In Classical Feng Shui, the evaluation starts with a compass direction of the home or building. The orientation of the structure will determine how the energy (chi) is distributed. The home’s setting and what is in immediate proximity is equally important. For example, where are the roads, water, natural wash, streams or mountains nearby?  The homeowner’s birth dates are also considered. Classical Feng Shui is very specific to the people, the exterior environment when they moved in, and the interior living space.

1.2This type of assessment will give the homeowners a comprehensive experience of Feng Shui. If the site is considered harmful, a Feng Shui master will ask that remedial measures be taken. Let’s go back to the site that may ‘hang off the mountain’, or in other words where the land has an extreme drop-off at the back. Some areas of Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Fountains Hills to mention few– have such land sites. In these cases, a sustainable retaining wall should be installed; this may be expensive. However, this action alone would bring an immediate good result for the homeowners. The interior may also needs some adjustments, but exterior Feng Shui will absolutely affect your money, health and harmony. Most Feng Shui recommendations are fairly inexpensive to implement such as moving your desk or bed. Others may involve using a different door to come and go. These adjustments cost nothing, except a little time and effort. If it is determined that the kitchen fire (stove) is badly located causing money loss or illness—this is a little more expensive to reposition, but certainly won’t break the bank. All adjustments are worth the time and money to have a life that is more prosperous, harmonious and healthy. I have consulted for almost 20 years with thousands of clients, and find that most people have about 70% of it right—the rest, adjusting the Feng Shui, is just icing on the cake!

Is there such a thing as bad Feng Shui? Can you give us an example? Absolutely; just being aware of some of these scenarios will help you in selecting a home with good Feng Shui that will support you. Living too close to a major highway, say less than one mile (e.g.I-10, I-17, 101 or the 60), will impede your success in all categories of Feng Shui. The energy is too intense and eventually people of such neighborhoods will “behave badly”. Realtors will try to steer their clients away from such properties as they usually have less value, but for Feng Shui purposes, the environment will bring issues with health, loss of money and disharmony in the household. Another very toxic setting is a T-Juncture; this is where a road will align directly with the front door. This will cause people to experience bankruptcy, divorce and disease. Builders, such as Shea Homes, have tried to eliminate these detrimental formations in their new-build communities. Also, anything extreme—either in design or the land site—will cause numerous issues and not support your ability to thrive. An example, would be buying a home where the land sharply and extremely drops off anywhere, especially at the back—bankruptcy is almost assured in such cases.

How does Shea Homes Arizona incorporate Feng Shui into its community models/homes? While, I believe that Shea Homes has used some general principles of Feng Shui in the past, they are currently committed to exploring and implementing Classical Feng Shui–which is very advanced Feng Shui indeed. Advanced, Classical Feng Shui is not colors, crystals, eliminating the number 4 on house numbers (means death in Chinese), blue doors and other non-related, authentic Feng Shui principles. Some of this is the propagation of Western Feng Shui and other things part of Chinese cultural superstition. In fact, Feng Shui was actually made popular by the non-Asian Americans because they were very interested in the whole idea of living in harmony with the environment and each other. No matter, it is here and here to stay.

Shea Homes will be one of the first American builders to incorporate some aspects of Feng Shui. Many builders have used the 1.3Western version as they could see it was going to persist in the American consciousness. The problem for Builders, has been procuring the right information about what authentic Feng Shui is and next, who could tell them how to advantageously and properly use it. Casinos in Las Vegas are using the most advanced Feng Shui in America. They all hired masters from Hong Kong, as it is rare to find one in the United States. Classical Feng Shui is just beginning to make its debut here—the Western style has run its course.

Shea Homes has just starting using Classical Feng Shui in some of their models homes in select communities in the greater Phoenix area. The orientation (facing direction), floor plan design, water placement, retaining walls and a host of other considerations were assessed for a superior product in these model homes. Currently, we are in conversation about implementing advanced Feng Shui by matching the floor plan with certain lots. This is fairly simple to implement and will not be prohibitive for either Shea or the buyer, although this takes a bit more planning by Shea Homes and myself. Some communities have over 100 lots to choose from. The benefits will be enormous, home construction will go smoother with less challenges, buyers will be able to ‘feel’ the superior energy, and Shea will sell their homes faster. The whole idea of Shea Homes implementing Classical Feng Shui is very innovative and will be remembered as a ground-breaking response to the future of American living.

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