Growing Happy Sprouts, in the Garden and Home

by Shea Homes Arizona on March 16, 2012


Video games and computers are great for hand-eye coordination but are not comparable to the sensory, learning experience of playing in the dirt. Gardening with a child is sure to create a shared memory and might even become the start a lifelong hobby.

There are many reasons to garden with your child, including the pure benefit of time spent together while digging and weeding to your heart’s content. Health benefits, environmental awareness, discovery and overall learning are enjoyed by gardeners of all ages.

If you are already a weekend warrior who loves to do-it-yourself, gardening with your child should be a natural transition. Bring them along on your next trip to the home and garden center and pick out a pack of seeds together for the flower bed you built last weekend.

If that last suggestion sounded too utopian and green thumby to you, do not worry, gardening with your child can be easy! Here is a simple idea that will get you and your sprout in the dirt:

Start experimenting in your kitchen by saving seeds from food you prepare for dinner.  Or take school lessons further by coordinating plant selections with what your child is learning. Fennel, garlic and sage were all plants used by ancient Romans in medicine and ceremonies. Or discover how Native American tribes in the desert southwest thrived by planting corn, bean and squash plants in one plot. This is also a lesson in how ecological systems work because as the corn grows tall, the vine of the bean plant is able to climb and the squash plant shades the ground.

Cultivate more ideas by visiting a local garden such as the Desert Botanical Garden or grab a book from your public library on gardening with your child! Allowing your child the opportunity to play in the dirt and plant something will yield great results—maybe even a tomato or two.

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