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by Shea Homes Northern California on February 5, 2013


The NAHB International Builder’s Show was held in Las Vegas this year and it was a smashing success. Builders from all over the world attended learning about new products, gaining great incite and even winning some awards. As a result we were introduced to some pretty interesting items that may give us a glimpse into home building’s future.

Some of this year’s product winners included:

The Wall Street Journal pointed out other notable, forward-thinking, products shown on the floor. With an emphasis on eco-friendly appliances, these items could very well revolutionize our home features and set the standards with products like multi-tasking appliances and portable fireplaces.

  • The Hot Fridge – while this fridge offers ice and cold water this GE appliance also boasts the ability to produce hot water as well.

    • Portable fireplaces – EcoSmart has designed an appliance that produces 8 to 10 inch flames and emits a surprisingly amount of heat. They are not legally considered fireplaces under building code so they are acceptable for use in most apartments as well.

    • Compact Generators – GE Generator systems now offers an 8kw generator that can be displayed as close as 18 inches from the home, which is notably the smallest generator in it’s class.

    • The USB Outlet – many devices are now powered by USB, Leviton has added two USB ports to its wall box allowing mobile users to eliminate lugging around the charging device and plugging their USB cable straight into the wall.

  • The All-in-one Grill – Fire Magic managed to cram a smoker, rotisserie oven and barbecue all into one high-tech and eye catching space. Eliminating the pilot light altogether, the main grill lights use a hot-surface ignition system instead (much like your hairdryer does).

These are just some of the innovative items featured at this year’s NAHB show. Can you think of any futuristic or forward-thinking products you’d like to see in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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