How to be a good neighbor this holiday season in four steps or less

by Shea Homes Arizona on December 4, 2015


During the busyness of regular life, we don’t always have time to stop for extended conversations with our neighbors. Through the holidays however, what could be more neighborly than making an extra effort to connect. Here are four ideas to give you easy opportunities to get to know your block a little better. (Disclaimer: Some of these are easy and quick and others take a little time, so pick and choose what works best for you.)

Bake Some Treats

Who doesn’t love a delicious homemade cinnamon roll right out of the oven? Even better, who doesn’t love having a warm, delicious, homemade cinnamon roll delivered straight to their doorstep? Treat your neighbors like you dream about being treated by baking up a storm and dropping off some sweet treats. Here’s a great recipe from the Pioneer Woman that makes enough rolls to share:

Warm up your friendship with an adorable hot cocoa kit

Aren’t these kits so fun? A quick trip to the grocery story and craft store will have you ready to share some yummy cocoa and mix-ins with your neighborhood. Drop them at doorsteps with a cheery note or better yet, invite neighbors over for a cup of cocoa and send them home with a kit to make another cup at home later. Step by step instructions for making these kits can be found at
Hot Cocoa

Start a Gift Giving Trend

We love this idea for spreading some holiday cheer amongst neighbors! Check out the free printables from and then greet your neighbors with a tasty treat and instructions for passing on the sugary love.
Gift Giving

Go old fashioned and invite someone over for dinner

This is a big one. Having a neighbor over for dinner, especially if you’ve only exchanged quick small talk, can seem like a big step. However, for friendships to grow, someone has to be first to extend the invitation. Take the leap this holiday season and check out these fun ideas to get conversation started:

Looking for a few other ideas for neighborly activities? Check out our Holiday Neighborly Ideas Pinterest Board for these ideas and more!

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