Design Insider: Fall trends to look for

by Shea Homes Arizona on September 21, 2012

At Shea Homes, we are always on the lookout for the best home décor and design styles—both the trendy and the time tested. So, to share a little about what’s what in interior design these days, we got together with Sylvia Sinclair of Renew Innovations to ask her a few questions.

Take a look to learn more about some seasonal and overall décor trends this fall:

Shea Homes: What are some of the recent trends in home interior design?

Sylvia Sinclair: Interiors still seem to be trending towards a cleaner more contemporary look.  Stores like West Elm, Ikea and even Target are able to bring the look to market without the high price tag that used to be associated with a “contemporary” look.

Shea: So, would you say that homes are becoming less traditional these days?

Well, no. Traditional is exactly that. It’s a constant look that will always be around.  However, it is often blended together with contemporary and post-modern elements, and that flexibility is what will keep it around.

Shea: What are two new décor trends you’re expecting for the fall?

Sylvia: There looks to be an ongoing trend to Natural fabrics, and bright colors. For example, rustic looking burlap is being paired right alongside bold solid colors and patterns.

Shea: So what are some of those colors that are trendy for this season?

Sylvia: Two color palettes still seem to dominate every magazine you pick up and you still see the soft natural muslins but on the opposite end of the spectrum bright blues, reds, yellows and greens.

Shea: Do you have any suggestions for some fun ways homeowners can modernize their fall décor this year?

Sylvia: At the end of a long hot summer everyone is ready to open windows and doors to let the cool fresh air in! With that change of season, comes the opportunity to update your home’s décor.  One of the quickest, easiest ways to do that is to switch out pillows or pillow covers on your sofa and chairs, add fall candles to your rooms along with bowls of harvest color.

Shea: Are there any retro or older trends that are making a comeback this year?

Sylvia: I see a lot of painted plates everywhere. They remind me of being in “grandma’s house” and all of the happy memories that conjures up for people. This is where some of those bright colors come in too! 

Shea: What are two things that you’re not seeing anymore?

Sylvia: Nothing! That’s the beauty of design… if a homeowner loves something, it is NEVER out of style!

Be sure to stay tuned to the blog for some more tips and trends from Sylvia and Renew Innovations each month! Do you have any questions you’re dying to ask a professional interior designer? Leave a comment and your question might be included in the next edition of Design Insider!

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