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by Shea Homes Arizona on August 17, 2011

For every new home we build, we spend a lot of time with the customer to help them design a home that fits their personality and lifestyle. However, we know that paint, cabinets, flooring and fixtures are really just the base for the design that each homeowner crafts for themselves once they move in.

To help you create your personal decorations, here are some do-it-yourself (diy) ideas from interior designer, Jennifer Fabok:

1. Display your photos in a unique way. Take 5 or 6 of your favorite photos and paste them to a base using foam core board, scrap wood, etc so the pictures do not bend. Using cloth ribbon or fabric cut in strips, hot glue one end of the ribbon to the centered back of the based picture. Cut each ribbon in different lengths. The other side of the ribbon you will tie onto a stick, a rod, or even rebar you may have in the garage (depending on the look you are going for). Once you find the perfect spot to hang, you have completed a unique, inexpensive conversation piece and adore your favorite photos hung in an original fashion

2. This idea is perfect for a girl’s room or a hallway. Take your sassy high heels and display them on a shelf. Miss match, add painted designs, rhinestones and stagger; get creative with it!

3. Have an old mirror you would like to hang but the frame doesn’t quite match the new cabinets? Grab an old rag and a can of stain. Create a faux texture using the rag and stain. Make sure you let dry for at least a day before hanging.

4. While you have the stain out, refinish that old chair or bar stools of yours. Sand down and stain. If you don’t have the patience to sand down then you can use wood colored spray paint as an alternative.

5. Have books? Books are beautiful in their own way, so why not display them but not in a traditional manner. Take a few shelves and stagger them in any fashion on the wall. Place a few books (not too many due to weight) on each shelf upright with the spine facing you, holding them up with book ends, a stein, or anything solid enough to keep the books standing. Leave enough room on the shelves to display an open book, with your favorite page displayed. This would look great in an office or hallway.

6. What better to hang in your child’s room than something they created and can be proud of? Using black foam core board let your kids create their own designs using bright colored chalk. It will turn out to be a masterpiece and what masterpiece isn’t framed? Buy a bag of river rocks or flattened marbles and a bottle of nail polish. The kids can paint the rocks with poke-a-dots, strips, or smiley faces, anything they can imagine. Once the paint is dry, hot glue the rocks around the boarder of the foam core board and Voila! You will have a beautiful, completely original and fun masterpiece to hang in the kid’s room!

7. Another idea for a child’s room is to have them create designs on an old pair of jeans that they have grown out of or have ripped. Recycle and create artwork at the same time. Hang on the wall diagonally.

8. Have a balcony that needs a little pizzazz? Pull out those tiny, classy, clear lights you have stored in the garage that you use once a year and wrap them around the terrace. This simple fix will give you the clean, crisp sparkle you need.

9. Having a house warming party but tired of the same old wine glasses you have had for years? Spice it up and all you need are 3 things. 1) A Stencil, 2) Puff Paint and 3) A Steady Hand. Your wine glasses will be the talk of the party, besides your new home that is.

What diy decorations have you tried? Do you have any favorites in your home? Post a picture on our Facebook page to share with the community!

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Joan & Bill August 27, 2011 at 9:25 am

Cool ideas!


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