Guest Blog: Lifetime Renter Turns Homeowner– It’s Easier Than You’d Think!

by Shea Homes Northern California on September 9, 2011


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing some guest blogs from our homeowners on what it’s like to transition from renter to homeowner. This week, we’d like to thank Erin for sharing how she made the leap to homeowner and is now enjoying  many advantages.

For almost a year now, I’ve lived in the Mondrian community and I’ve really enjoyed the experience! Prior to moving to the Bay Area, I had only rented apartments. Renting has a few perks, but I knew that buying was a better deal. Even still, I was surprised going through the Shea homes experience at how easy it was to transition to “first-time homeowner.” They really showed me how to enjoy the best parts of owning a home.
Now that I own my own place I can actually settle in, hang pictures and not worry about the landlord. I now have very little restriction on how I use the home and can invite family to stay for a while (including the 4-legged members). It’s been so great! And as simple as it sounds, having an actual trash day is much better than having to run down the street to the dumpster. The few maintenance issues I’ve had have been fixed either on the new home checkup appointments or by talking to people on site. The community is set up with a pool, spa, maintenance-free landscaping and plenty of walking space.

While the cost of homes here was a little daunting, I look at my home as an investment. I scoured the internet looking for good homes at a reasonable price point and Mondrian stood out for price point for a new home. Paying more money for an older home that was bound to require more maintenance did not make sense. The new homes at Mondrian are well-constructed, furnished with quality fixtures, and are set up in a way that makes sense for how people live their lives today (you know with the internet, flat screen TVs and lots of electrical gadgets). Plus, the value for size was also compelling. It’s nearly impossible to find a home of Mondrian quality without buying something larger, and I really didn’t need a larger home. Many other townhomes I visited felt squished and small, but the Mondrian floorplans feel more open and roomy – a great plus for entertaining. The people at Shea Homes also make the experience! I still stop by the office every once in a while to visit and they still remember my name!

It’s really difficult to say what I love best about my new Shea home. I love having a kitchen that’s big enough to actually bake in, a laundry room with a full-size washer and dryer, and the pool/spa area. My transition to homeowner was such a fantastic experience, I’d do it all over again!

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