Interior Insights: What to Do With All That “SPACE”

by Sheri Troy on August 30, 2011

When you buy a new home, you are working with a blank canvass. This can seem rather daunting. Our good friends at Creative Design Consultants (CDC)–the people behind the great decor in our SPACES models–have some good ideas on how to think about your home’s space.

SPACES homes are designed with a more open floorplan. This helps create a “borderless world.” It’s an opportunity to decide where you want to entertain, play, relax, work and really live. When you think about how your family lives day to day, that can help you answer the question, “What kind of space is this?” From there you are able to make decisions about furniture and what kind decor is most appropriate (i.e. don’t put the fine china near the kids’ play area).

Your decisions on space usage can also allow for multi-functionality within the space. In CDC’s model designs, they used tables that open and close for storage and design, furniture on casters for flexibility in movement throughout the home, and chairs that rotate 360 for all spots so that they can become useful in some way.

While you are developing a lifestyle flow within your home, make sure you consider how you work with the outside of your home. By creating indoor/outdoor connectivity it lends a similar spirit to all spaces. Guests feel like they are able to easily transition from the yard to the dining area. There becomes “no limits” to the home.

In its design, CDC focused on creating places within the home that find “moments that really matter.” If you love your fireplace, make it a place where people can gather and not just be a show piece. Memories will be made there and you will come to love that fireplace even more!

The last thing CDC suggests is to incorporate some local flavor in some of your decor. You are part this community and having items that remind you that you live in a special place makes your home feel a little more “homey.” You might be influenced by the beautiful nearby forests or the great wines of the region. However you choose to decorate, be inspired by where you live!

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anabel sanchez ginochio March 18, 2012 at 6:26 pm

We got a beautiful house, now home at summer lake, spaces, which we love, we move in last day of december 11, I found a very pleasant enviroment, quiet and clean, waiting for spring/summer time to enjoy the exteriors, I have hard time find the right piece of furniture because I love the way everything was placed at the model home, my main issue is the dinning table, because it a nook and the table we need has to be exactly as in the model home, I try to find it everywhere with no results, if you have some sugestions where to look, we will very very greateful, because Im tired of eat at a play/buffette table, long and narrow, white plastic, LOL, …you know what I mean, …thank you for your time


Meridith Doucette March 19, 2012 at 10:52 am

Hi Anabel,

I checked with the designers who furnished the model and the table that was in the nook area was a custom piece from a company that only sells to businesses. For flexible dining table options, you could try IKEA or CB2.


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