Is Buyer Interest on the Rise?

by Shea Homes Northern California on March 18, 2014


Newlyweds Nick and Teresa Hopper just bought their first home. The couple got married last August and decided against having a big wedding in favor of making a larger down payment on a home. And although small weddings may not be the norm, we are definitely seeing more and more interest and excitement from potential buyers.
Homeowners Nick and Teresa
“There has been an incredible amount of demand,” says Shea Homes sales representative Yvonne Ida, “Buyers today are not only almost desperate to get a home, they’re absolutely excited and just so so hopeful. They just keep coming back. Sometimes we don’t even have time to circle back around with them and they are back in our office.”

When Nick and Teresa were asked about why they decided to buy a new home versus a resale, Teresa quickly replied that the current market in the Bay Area had “too much competition” and that it was “much easier to buy a new home.” Nick also chimed in on the topic, explaining with enthusiasm about “not having to fix anything” and the low cost of upkeep on a new home compared to other options they had considered. They mentioned that high rental costs for small apartments in the area gave them additional incentive to look into purchasing.

These two lovebirds were ecstatic when they received the keys last week. “We love the washer and dryer, the countertops, and the cherry wood in the kitchen. Everything is so awesome!” says Teresa.

“Our standard finishes just seem to blow people’s minds,” explained Yvonne. And although these newlyweds don’t have any children yet, they were just as excited about their new community’s schools and nice recreational areas.

This kind of eagerness amongst new homeowners and those looking to purchase has become typical over the last year, and whether it is fueled by a shortage of housing, rent increases, tough competition in the market, or some combination of these items, buyer excitement is definitely on the rise.

Nick and Teresa plan to celebrate their new status as homeowners with champagne and a housewarming party.

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