Just say no to hibernating.

by Shea Homes Colorado on February 18, 2016


Ah. It’s the season of coziness. Saturday afternoons by the fire. Digging into a big bowl of chili. Blissfully nodding off, lulled by the soundtrack of your latest Netflix binge-watch.

We can do better than this, Coloradans.

Especially if you live in one of our Shea Homes Colorado CommunitiesBackCountry, Stepping Stone, or Reunion – winter need not be a four-walled purgatory until spring. Warm days are coming soon, so now’s the time to take steps (literally) to avoid a panic attack when shopping for your swimsuit.

At BackCountry, there are easy, daily ways to get moving. Strap on your snowshoes and explore the seven miles of trails and 467 acres of open space within BackCountry.  Or venture onto the trails and 8,200 acres of open space in the adjacent wilderness area.  No snowshoes? No problem. Residents can borrow a pair from the Sundial House whenever there is 12” or more of snow on the ground. That same terrain can be a blast for expert cross country skiers to explore too.

South Rim Bikers

At Stepping Stone, put on your hiking shoes and explore the trails within Stepping Stone and the vast network of regional trails they connect to. Or wander around the parks and open spaces, including Winding Path Park’s expansive play areas. After you’ve had a bracing workout, relax by the fire pit at the Lantern House, where you can enjoy the winter landscape (and maybe a hot cocoa) on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 6-10pm.

Winding Path Park Lantern House

At Reunion, explore the more than ten miles of trails within Reunion.  Or wander around the 150 acres of parks and 170 acres of open space.

Biker Reunion Park

Although our communities have plenty to keep you busy inside and out, don’t forget all the wonderful winter options we can access across the state. World-class skiing, obviously, and how about chasing it with a long soak in some hot springs? This guide to Colorado hot springs lists 27 bubbly sites, including Ouray Hot Springs, Pool & Fitness Center (perfect for families, with slide, diving, and water volleyball). And Strawberry Springs in Steamboat (fantastic during the day, but don’t bring the kids after dark when clothing is optional).

Speaking of clothing, you’ll want to bring some long underwear and hot beverages for ice fishing—after checking ice conditions here first, of course.  Grab your sleds and tubes for some runs at Golden Gate Canyon, Cherry Creek, and Roxborough State Parks. Ice skate at Golden Gate Canyon State Park’s Ranch Ponds or Eleven Mile State Park. Find a full list of locations here.

Another way to savor the beauty of evergreens and deep snow—while really covering some ground—is snowmobiling. Or just sit back and fantasize about your glorious Iditarod victory as a dozen well-trained dogs pull you and a partner all bundled up on a sled for the ultimate outdoor adventure of dog sledding. Yes, other activities may provide more of a workout, but what a classic Colorado winter photo op.

The options are out there, from close to home to across the state. So let’s get outside and enjoy them. After all, Netflix will be waiting when we come home.

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