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Lights, camera, Reunion

by Shea Homes Colorado on February 2, 2016


Next time you see a family smiling, assembled in well­-coordinated outfits, maybe standing beside the lake at Reunion a master plan community by Shea Homes, take a look to see who’s on the other side of the camera. Chances are it’s Holly Pilz, Reunion resident and up-­and­-coming family photographer.

Reunion Park Reunion Park Daylight

Owner of Holly Jean Photography,  Holly found her calling only about a year ago. She had begun to realize how much she loved photographing her own daughters, ages 5, 3, and 1­-1/2, but the turning point was when she took them to a professional photographer. Amazed by the quality of photos and aware of his wife’s passion for photography, Holly’s husband said, “You should become a professional photographer” and bought her her first camera.

She’s never looked back. Besides running her own growing business, Holly is a photographer for a social media company and shoots images for an antiques store. While Holly also shoots in her dining room/studio—especially newborn sessions—her favorite places are in the open spaces of Reunion.


“I love being able to take pictures around the lake and on the trails,” she says. “There’s such a mountain feel with all the pine trees. Just walking on the trails, I can take 100 photos with lots of different looks. In the fall, I brought along pumpkins and hay, and for Christmas the lake was frozen and just gorgeous.” Holly says that kids have fun at these sessions because they love playing around the lake.  Perfect, she says: “I like to make the sessions more of an experience, instead of just ‘in and out.’”

family 2

Fittingly, it was Reunion’s outdoor beauty that convinced The Pilzes that it was the right community for them two years ago. They were moving from Canada and were used to having lots of trees and water around them, so Reunion felt more like home. The rec center was a huge selling point, too. Last summer she and the girls were at the pool every day. With small children, Holly loves to get outside, walking and biking on the trails.

“Everything is within walking distance,” says Holly. “And I love having the gym too.”

Rec Center rec center barn

The Rec Center’s community events have been a fun way to meet people as well. “Everyone is so friendly here. They really reach out and are willing to help you,” Holly says. Well, they’re definitely reaching out for her photography. If you’re interested in photos for your family, contact Holly and mention this blog post for 20% off your photography session. Visit Holly’s website,  email her, or call her at 720-­717-­1886.

family 3

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