Make Some Space – How to create your own personal living space with Shea

by Shea Homes Arizona on October 12, 2011

There is something about a house, the way you move and live inside it, which can make fit like a glove or can cause it to contribute to daily frustration. Every family has a certain flow to their lifestyle, and the way your home is built can either facilitate or hinder that flow.

Maybe you find yourself going up and down stairs all day when you do laundry. Or maybe you love that your home office is near the front of the house, so your clients don’t have to walk through your living space.

Our goal at Shea Homes is to work with you to build the home that is right for you and your family, one that reflects and honors you, supports your spirit, stimulates your senses, and inspires the way you live. You are the most important part of that process.

In order to design a perfect fit for each homebuyer, we created the Flexible Living Space, which allows each homebuyer to customize rooms to fit their needs. The purest form of the Flexible Living Space is found in Shea SPACES communities. In these plans we take care to not put light fixtures in a particular location, locking you into just one location for your dining table, and we don’t build in niches, as if to say, this is the only place your TV can go.

In this and other communities, plans also include additional rooms that can be customized as a bedroom, office, or den, with or without doors—whatever fits your lifestyle best. Some other options include an optional casita in lieu of a third car garage, a bedroom in lieu of a teen room or a den in lieu of dining space.

Options like these make how you live in your home truly your choice.

So what’s your flow? Go to to contact your local Shea representative to learn more about all the possibilities a Shea Homes home offers.

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