Reaping the benefits of community – How HOA’s and block watches can help your neighborhood

by Shea Homes Arizona on September 7, 2011

There are many benefits to living in a community environment.  It can provide the opportunity to meet your neighbors and form relationships with them.  But, aside from long lasting friendships, there are many other ways that neighborhood cohesiveness can prove beneficial to you.  Home Owner Associations and Block Watches are two examples of groups that you can participate in to help make your community stronger. 

Home Owner Associations are groups that help organize a community.  They can do many things, from ensuring that rules are followed, to making sure that community areas are well maintained.  Having an HOA can help ensure community recreation areas such as pools or tennis courts are kept in good condition.  

Living in a well kept community not only helps keep property values high, but also helps put everyone who lives there in a better mood.  People prefer to live in well kept neighborhoods, rather than in run down areas.  It is a good thing to take pride in your home’s appearance, and it can make you feel good when you see your neighbors value their homes as well. 

Block Watches can also help pull a community together.  Block Watches operate under the idea that people who live in the neighborhood know the neighborhood best and can help prevent crime.  The program works best by having neighbors keep an eye out for suspicious behavior in the area.  Block Watch programs have a proven track record when it comes to preventing crime.  Block Watch also works very well in promoting a sense of community amongst its participants.  This sense of community is not only beneficial when it comes to safety, but fun as well.  

A strong sense of community isn’t something you can find everywhere, but when you do find them it is worth holding on to.  Shea Homes helps communities foster this strong sense of working together to meet common goals for the sake of all of its residents.  

So let us know what kind of things you and your neighbors do to help foster a strong sense of togetherness.  Is it something simple like organizing a cleanup weekend?  Weekend walks through the neighborhood?  Tell us what you like to do that helps make your community strong.

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