Shea Neighborhoods – Built with community in mind

by Shea Homes Arizona on October 26, 2012

Growing up with a best friend across the street, playing ball in the neighborhood park, getting together for a block party, knowing the kids are safe playing in the front yard—it may seem like these are relics of the past, but in a Shea community, they don’t have to be.

Shea Homes knows that homeowners want to live in a real community, that looks and feels distinctive and where neighbors know and relate to one another.  That is why Shea Homes is committed to helping create a community atmosphere, whether it be through the design of the neighborhood or by providing neighborhood gathering places and amenities.

Sometimes, when looking at new homes, potential homeowners can be disappointed when all of the houses in a neighborhood are a permutation of one design.  However, in Shea communities houses don’t come out of cookie-cutters.

Shea’s “Five-Sided Architecture” approach to building takes into account your desire to have a truly unique home.  In addition to customizable floor plans, exterior surfaces such as the back porch, front door, and even the roof are designed so their appearance is distinct from those of the surrounding houses.  Additionally, community roads in Shea communities are curvilinear, creating a warm authentic neighborhood scene and safer out door play areas for children.

Shea communities also offer plenty of ways for neighbors to get together.  For example, Shea neighborhoods have amenities such as large event lawns, tot-lots, basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields, walking paths, barbeques, and picnic tables.  So whether you and your neighbors enjoy sports, getting together to grill, or just letting the kids get out and play together, Shea helps you build real community.

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