Shea SpaceBuilder – Laying out your living space

by Shea Homes Arizona on April 27, 2011

There are a lot of things to consider when laying out your home furnishings. Will the couch fit in that corner? Do we need another bookshelf for that wall? Would this room work for the pool table? Inevitably, you’ll probably change your mind about the layout at least a few times before settling on one that works for you and your family.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a home or if you’re already in the process of building your Shea home, why not get a head start on planning your layout using the Shea Homes SpaceBuilder? With the ability to visualize key features of your floor plan as well as place and modify furniture, fixtures and other aspects of the home, it’s sure to help prevent several hours of furniture shuffling.

First, visit the and choose a community near you, then choose the floor plan we are building for you or one that you’d like to explore.

Next, click on the button that looks like this:
Explore this Floorplan

The SpaceBuilder may take a few seconds to load, but be patient—it is well worth the wait. 

Once you are in, take a look around.  You can play with the different room options, change your color scheme, choose the front façade and a whole lot more.  For example, why not make the fourth bedroom into an open den? Or expand the back patio?  Each plan has different options, so be sure to survey each of the plans in the




After you have explored a little, look up at the top of the window and click the tab that says “Space Planner.” Here is where the real fun comes in.



First, choose which room you want to begin with—whether it’s the game room, your children’s bedrooms or the great room, you’re sure to find nearly any type of furniture you need.  Next, pick out
furniture pieces from the left hand side such as couches, an entertainment center, an arm chair, etc. that closely resemble yours. 



After you choose a few pieces of furniture, click on one to set its dimensions. You can even link to a product that you plan to buy. For example, I love this Ikea accent chair!  To save the settings of your furniture, click “Create Product.” You can even include a link to the website you found it on.

With so many options to explore, the SpaceBuilder can keep anyone entertained. Or, if you’re looking for a practical way to plan your home furnishings, the Shea SpaceBuilder might just become your new best friend.

And don’t forget to register in the top right corner so you can save and print your floor plan for future use!

You can also watch an in depth video about using the SpaceBuilder. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below. Happy SpaceBuilding!

Here’s an example of what you can do:

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