Start Building Traditions, in a Home Built For You

by Shea Homes Arizona on March 1, 2013

This week, we launched our new 2013 creative campaign called “We Build,” which delivers the message to our audiences and prospective homebuyers that we build more than just a house for you. “We Build” is all about making lasting memories and genuine relationships for our homebuyers during the home buying process, and after closing when they begin this new chapter.

Shea Homes is first and foremost a homebuilder. But along the way, we build so much more than that. We build relationships between our customers and our service representatives. We build teams dedicated to helping you find the perfect home. We build a company based on quality and commitment. We build friendships and memories. We build floor plans with a purpose. We build up your confidence. And the truth it, everything is built so you can build your life.

WE BUILD OPPORTUNITIES, so you can open the door to your dreams. Shea opportunities are endless with various locations, price ranges, floor plans, features – you name it! We don’t want our prospective homebuyers to feel stifled when it comes to decisions. Whether you want a pool in your backyard or four car garage, Shea offers the opportunity for you to make decisions that lead to happy living.

WE BUILD CONNECTIONS, see how our exceptional service team can connect you to your dream home. Making a connection with you is surely the first step to making this instrumental process successful. Our service reps know how important this stage in life is for you, so they help you make caring choices as if your house was their own.

WE BUILD TOGETHERNESS, see how our open floor plans create spaces to connect. We design floor plans that make sense and serve a purpose. It is important for the common areas to open up to each other, so mom won’t miss baby’s first step in the living space while cooking in the kitchen. Or everyone invited to your housewarming party can intermingle together, rather than being split up in enclosed areas. With our floor plans, you can make space for every stage of your life.

WE BUILD ONE-OF-A-KIND REFLECTIONS OF YOU, see how personalizing your home is part of our process. Get in touch with your inner designer and visualize features, textures and colors that will fine tune your home to fit your personality and lifestyle. We help take your ideas from concept to reality.

WE BUILD HISTORY, see how Shea has been shaping America for over a century. From our transformation as a plumbing company in Portland, Oregon to one of the largest home builders in America, Shea Homes has a strong history that traces back to 1881. Our history of homebuilding leads to bright futures for families.

WE BUILD QUALITY, so you can build something greater. From our cathedralized attics, to our Environments For Living designation, we use building science to harness the innovation and technology that is currently available to build the best home possible.


Ron and Vicki and their two children chose Shea Homes Arizona because the quality and floor plans fit for their specific needs. Click here to watch their customer testimonial.  To see more Shea Homes Arizona customer testimonials, visit our YouTube page.

To see more photos from our new 2013 “We Build” campaign, visit our Facebook page. To learn more about Shea Homes Arizona, click here.

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