Top Ten Ways the Spacebuilder App Can Help You Design Your Home and Get Move-in Ready

by Shea Homes Arizona on May 2, 2014

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing floor plan options and when laying out your home furnishings.  Will the couch fit in that corner? Should this room be a guest bedroom or maybe a den or game room? Do we need another bookshelf for that wall?  Would this room work for the pool table?  Inevitably, you’ll probably change your mind about the layout at least a few times before settling on one that works best for you and your family.

But did you know that you can get a head start on planning your home layout using the Shea Homes SpaceBuilder?

SB1With the ability to visualize key features of your floor plan as well as place and modify furniture, fixtures and other aspects of the home, it’s sure to help prevent several hours of furniture shuffling.

To use the SpaceBuilder, just visit and select the community and floorplan you want to explore. Then click on the green, right hand icon that says “Explore this Floorplan.”

Here are ten things to try while you’re there: 

1)           On a Shea3D floor plan, see how a kitchen-centric, outdoor-centric and entertainment-centric MyPlan option would look for your floor plan.

2)          For most of our floor plans, including those that are not Shea3D plans you can also change some of the home’s features by clicking “Explore” at the top. Many floorplans have optional balconies, additional bathrooms or hobby room modifications.

3)          Check to see if the kids’ current furniture will fit in their bedrooms. Here you can input the measurements of their furniture and arrange it however you like. Just click “Space Planner” at the top of the Spacebuilder application.

4)         Rearrange your living room a few times—without having to actually move furniture.

5)          “Flip” the floorplan to see what it would be like as the reverse layout.

6)         Take a look at a variety of interior options such as kitchen cabinets and flooring by clicking “Gallery” on the left-hand side.

7)          Browse included features such as the look of your front door, ceramic tile countertops, etc. Remember, as a Shea Homes customer, you get to take a full in-person tour of our Design Studio to see all the options up-close and personal before you make your final choices.

8)         Dream about new furniture and fun home accessories, then check to see if a piece of furniture you would like to buy will fit in the spot you imagine it in.SB2

9)         Are there multiple family living  spaces in the plan you’re looking at? Use SpaceBuilder to help you visualize whether the extra room should be a game room, teen room, exercise room or anything else you can think up!

10)      After you decide where you want everything, save your layout for later or print it out to make moving day easier.

BONUS: Show off your plans or get feedback from friends and family by sharing your floorplan layout on Facebook and Twitter! Better yet, share your floorplans on our Facebook page or tweet it to @SheaHomesAZ. We’d love to hear from you!

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