10 Signs You, Your Friends or Family Members Are Potentially Hoarding…

by Shea Homes Arizona on September 19, 2014

#10 You trip over things several times on your way to the bathroom during the night.

A short visit to the loo turns into a long journey. You play hop scotch while trying to remember where the piles of junk are on the floor in complete darkness. You turn into a sailor, and the silent night is now filled with an array of various curse words.

#9 You find things YOU did not even know you had.

After purchasing your favorite movie, you come home to realize you actually have several copies of the same movie you forgot you had. Or, common items like pens and paper is actually shoved in the corner of your office in giant piles. You are either a hoarder, or you are just very prepared.

#8 You cannot get yourself to throw anything away, so you toss it in another room.

Cleaning your room is never an option, so relocating your junk into a different spot in the house becomes much more suitable for you and your guests. Closets are commonly used dumping grounds.

#7 You wait for someone else to empty your trash.

You see the trash overflowing in your trash can, but you avoid it until someone else takes it out for you. It is almost like a game. Whoever sees the trash first has to take it out!

#6 You have furniture, but you cannot see it.

Your furniture is strategically placed throughout the house. Months went into designing each room and picking out the correct furniture. Alas, as the years went on, you realized you bought a house with not enough storage and your messes are spilling out into the living room.

#5 You do not want people over, but when they do you relocate your mess.

Your situation is like that episode of Friends where Chandler finally opens Monica’s secret closet. After knowing how extreme she is about her apartment, to his surprise he finds a heap of junk shoved into the closet. Watch the scene here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20OrzHnuWzo 

#4 You keep clothes that is not in style, but you think it will be back in style in another decade or so.hoarder1

In some cases, yes, some styles of clothing actually does come back into style. But, keeping your jumpsuits from the 70s may be a little excessive, but who knows, you may need them for a costume party or for when you are going to paint the house next week…NOT.                                         

#3 You can only watch the first half of an episode of Hoarders.

hoarder2Hoarders is already a show you wouldn’t watch but when your friend puts it on to show you how messy people’s homes are you go along with them so they do not realize that quite possible you maybe one of them. Or, maybe you enjoy watching this show because here are some people that you can actually relate to!

#2 You spend your money on things that NO ONE needs.

Here is another reference for you. It is like an episode on The Office called “Money”. Michael realizes he is in over his head in debt and Oscar shows him how he spends his money: mostly on things that no one needs such as multiple magic sets. What? Having multiple magic sets would reveal so many magic secrets all at once! Watch the scene here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ohykUj9xE

#1 When you say, “I may be messy, but I know where everything is in my mess (a.k.a. an organized mess).”

If you ever hear yourself saying this phrase, you are just trying to justify the fact that you are a hoarder and you just want people to get used to it. Done. No more questions.


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