3 Ways to Tell Whether a Builder Measures Up

by Shea Homes Arizona on August 31, 2011

 Many companies talk about having customer service or prioritizing their customer over profits and other things. But, we all know that some of these organizations’ actions don’t always match up with what they say.  At Shea Homes we are passionate about our customers and about meeting their needs and surpassing their expectations.  

Want to find out if we really mean that? We know that in this age of highly informed consumers that you’re not just going to take our word for it. But, here’s a start: We put a list together of three ways that we think any company’s customer service promises can be measured by. Take a look, and then visit one of our communities to see if we measure up. 

1)      Actions speak louder than words 

The follow-through means more than the promise. If you want to know what a company is really about, look into what they are actually doing. For example, if they advertise themselves as a local business, see what they’re doing to benefit the community.  Or if they promote themselves as an influencer in a certain arena, find out if other people are talking about their work. 

At Shea Homes our goal has always been to be the most respected home builder in the country, and we know that this requires a lot of doing to back up the talking. We think that our commitment to earning the respect of our customers has paid off, not just for us, but for our customers as well. 

2)      Quality of the product 

Here’s the real kicker and the most obvious measurement of a business. Does the quality of a company’s product line up with what they say? Since we’re in the business of building homes, we know that our customers are looking for quality more than anything else. From energy efficiency, to the windows we use and the foundations we lay, we believe that our customers always find what they’re looking for. 

3)      Response to the customer 

Sometimes a company’s goals and direction don’t line up with where their customers are going. When this happens, it’s hard to say that these businesses are providing the service that their customers want. At Shea Homes, we have an ear out to the community and are always looking for ways to design our homes to fit our customers’ lifestyles and needs. 

You may be thinking that this blog post is another great example of a company doing a lot of talking. In light of that irony, we’d like to invite you to test our words by visiting one of our communities in the Valley.  We’re confident you won’t be disappointed.

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