Energy Star – Front to back, Foundation to Roof

by Shea Homes Arizona on August 3, 2011

Energy-Star-PartnerSince we announced that every new home in our active communities in Arizona will now fit the Energy Star 2.5 standards, we have gotten a lot of questions. What features does an Energy Star home have? And what is the bottom line if I purchase an Energy Star home?

In case you were one of those people wondering (or maybe you just started wondering), we thought it would be helpful to break down the different qualities of an Energy Star certified home for you. If you’re not the reading type, check out Ken and Mini Ken’s short video, otherwise, keep on reading.

Energy Star is joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.  The program’s mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.  They also work to make it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products that offer savings on monthly energy bills—all of this without sacrificing the performance and desired features of the appliances or the comfort of the consumer.

Here are the qualities that make Shea Homes Energy Star approved:

1)      Effective Insulation Systems

High performance insulation helps maintain the desired temperature of the inside of the home. At Shea Homes, many of our plans are built using blown cellulose insulation which offers superior performance and has the added bonus of being made from recycled materials.

2)      High–Performance Windows and Doors

In order for our windows and doors to be effective in the Arizona heat, not only does Shea seal them tightly, we also use dual pane, low-e windows with vinyl frames. To learn more about how windows earn their Energy Star approval, check out our blog post about Paramount Windows.

3)      Tight Construction and Ducts

Tight construction and ductwork means taking great care to seal every corner and build every room and every wall exactly how it was designed to be. Starting with our framing trade partner, Loftco, all the way to high quality finishing touches, we’re committed to building homes that keep the inside in and the outside out. In many of our homes, we also use a structural technique called cathedralized insulation which even keeps the attic free from the Arizona heat.

4)      Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment

Many of our homes are also equipped with heat pumps. Rather than a traditional heat and air conditioning unit, heat pumps pull the hot air out during the summer and the cool air out during the winter, making your home the environment you want it to be.

5)      ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting and Appliances

Lastly, Energy Star Homes are furnished with lighting and appliances that meet their own individual Energy Star qualifications. To learn more about how these appliances qualify for Energy Star certification, click here.

The final step in Energy Star certification is a third party inspection by a certified Home Energy Rater. Each home design is tested structurally to make sure it meets all of the requirements necessary to ensure that the homeowner is in fact going to save money on their energy bill.

At Shea Homes we care a lot about the environment, but we also care about the quality of life for each of our homeowners. For us, that’s the bottom line. With Energy Star certification in every new home, we know you won’t be disappointed.

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