From the Heart, Not the Wallet: Mother’s Day on a Budget

by Shea Homes Arizona on May 9, 2013

No matter your age, mothers always seem to constantly give so you become the best individual you can be.  So when that one important holiday comes around in the spring, scrounging up change to give her an all-day spa day or take her to a 7-course dinner seems like the only way to show your utmost gratitude after all these years. Luckily, moms only care about the love you show for them. Whether you are doing something for your own mom or for your wife (on behalf of the kids, of course!) here are a few ideas to make her tear up, while patching up that hole in your pocket.

mom1Create a homemade brunch for her to wake up to with a bright color scheme, crepes, a yogurt bar and mimosas! Grab the tablecloth, plates and napkins at Target for reasonable prices and mimosa glasses at the dollar store for, you guessed it, one dollar! Then make a quick trip to the grocery store for some cheap champagne, OJ, yogurt, berries, whipped cream and granola! The crepe ingredients are items you usually have in your pantry and refrigerator (flour, eggs, milk, water, salt and butter). Voila! Simple, cheap, beautiful and thoughtful!

Take the whole family on an outing whether it’s a hike to a nearby beautiful mountain, a picnic at your nearest park or a day trip to the Grand Canyon, these are great ways to get the family interacting together and making great conversation and memories. Plus, these outings are very inexpensive!

Stay at home for the day and create fun Mother’s Day traditions. Find some quick and easy baking recipes that you can do with your mom or wife and enjoy later! Don’t run to Fry’s for a generic Mother’s Day cake, try baking and decorating one with everyone in your family. You can even make the day competitive by playing outdoor sports and indoor games! Pick up a cheap badminton or croquet set to set up in your backyard and get the energy and competition flowing outside. Or dig up those old board games and make a new Mother’s Day tradition.

mom2Make homemade gifts for mom with the little ones; these are the gifts that mean the most to her. Get some finger-paint at your local craft store with a pack of cardstock and make a collage with dad, grandma and grandpa and the children’s handprints. Mom can add her handprint to the collage on Mother’s Day when she receives this gift. Another idea is to grab ingredients from her favorite dessert (i.e. cookies or scones) and layer each ingredient, one on top of the other, in a mason jar. Decorate the jar with a piece of patterned cloth over the lid and tie it with ribbon. Bake the dessert on Mother’s Day for fun bonding time and a delicious treat. If you’re low on time, buy inexpensive, yet beautiful flowers to give her the day of Mother’s Day and have the kids make homemade cards straight from their hearts!

Want more ideas? Visit our Pinterest  Mother’s Day Gifts, Activities and Recipes Board for more cheap and fun ideas for mom! Also, take a look at our Facebook page for a Mother’s Day Under $40 photo album. Say thanks to mom this weekend and tune in to our Shea Homes blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for Father’s Day ideas. It’s just around the corner!

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