Hold the ones you love a little tighter

by Shea Homes Arizona on December 20, 2012

Feelings of home and community are especially important this Holiday season in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.  As we grieve as a nation and mourn the senseless loss of life, especially those that were cut short so young, it is important to remind ourselves of the ties that bind us to our communities and gain strength from that sense of belonging. The people of Newtown remind us of the best that exists in all communities across America.

At Shea Homes our hearts are heavy for the losses, but renewed by the heroism that the faculty and staff at Sandy Hook showed in trying to protect those that are the most vulnerable. Evil may have struck us hard in Newtown, but it will not last.  The story in the end will be the strength directly shown in the face of that evil.

As we come together as families and friends this holiday season, hold the ones you love a little tighter, reach your hand across to your neighbor and cherish the blessings that we all have been given.

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