Mini Heroes: Ricardo, Lupe, and Ricky

by Shea Homes Arizona on December 21, 2011

It was just three months ago when a family of three moved into their new Shea Home. Ricardo, Lupe and Ricky Zacarias couldn’t have been more excited for the big day. They received their keys with bursts of joyful laughter and some of the largest grins we’ve ever seen.

Filled with joy, adversities overcome, and a whole lot of family love, this month’s Mini Hero story is one of the more emotional ones we’ve encountered so far.

As a fifteen-year-old, Ricky’s life is quite different than many of his peers. He spends much of his time in doctor’s offices and hospitals because of a life-threatening kidney condition.

However, despite multiple hospitalizations and being on dialysis as he waits for a new kidney, Ricky has an amazing attitude and joyful spirit that can’t be missed. Never letting himself get down or feel sorry for himself, he has a great confidence that he can accomplish anything that life puts in front of him. “My mom and dad are so proud of me and my accomplishments,” he says about his parents love and support. “They are my strength.”

As they have faced this difficult time, Ricky points out that his family has grown even stronger together. “When I have been hospitalized my mom and dad never left my side.  When they were buying our Shea Home I was hospitalized and they had to leave me so they could pick out the carpet and stuff like that. But, right after they were done they came to see me.  We are very thankful that we have each other.”

Ricky was overjoyed as we handed the keys to his mom, Lupe, on their move-in day. When we asked him why, he said, “I can’t believe I have a home.  I am still in shock.” As he puts it, this is Ricky’s first “real home,” and he couldn’t wait to move in and have his own bedroom. “My dad painted my room with my favorite baseball players’ theme colors.  My Shea Home means the world to all of us.”

We are thrilled that it looks like Ricky will be able to get a new kidney in the coming year. His doctors have said that he is a perfect candidate for the procedure, and our thoughts and prayers go with Ricky and his family as they wait. We couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of their amazing story.

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