Presents with a Purpose: Simplify Dad’s Daily Routine

by Shea Homes Arizona on June 14, 2013

If you’re having trouble scrounging up gifts ideas for Dad, think about getting him something that can find a place in the routine of his everyday life. He will not only be impressed but, years later, will consistently praise you for the gift you gave that made his life easier. Here are a few ideas that we got from our Pinterest board, “Father’s Day Fun!”

1AT THE GYM: This stylish and sporty bracelet, made by Jawbone UP, actually acts as a motion tracking system. When synced with the corresponding app on your iPhone, this bracelet tracks the frequency and intensity of all your motions. If Dad is being too sedentary over the weekend on the couch, the bracelet will vibrate to remind him that even a quick stroll to the fridge is some movement!


IN THE BATHROOM: Keeping up a fresh appearance does reflect on Dad at work (and at home with Mom). This Art of Shaving Power Shave Collection and Customizable Stand will give Dad the closest and cleanest shave he’s ever had, especially with the Power Brush and Power Razor vibration feature. With its modern design and chrome look, this gadget will display nicely on his side of the bathroom.

3IN THE KITCHEN: For the foodie Dad, this Belkin iPad stand is perfect for displaying recipes at an easy angle to read. It accommodates any bulkiness from a case you may have on your iPad. Even more convenient, this Belkin stand comes with a stylus pen, so Dad can keep his sticky fingers clear of the touch screen when he needs to scroll down.

4IN THE WORKSHOP: If Dad is big on DIY, this sleek multi-functional tool is easily accessible and can be stored for on-the-go jobs. It includes an all-in-one hammer, an adjustable wrench, pliers, a wire cutter, files, blades and a screwdriver with a 12-piece bit set. Talk about a handy man! 

5AT THE OFFICE: Dads are always working so hard to put food on the table for dinner every night. Instant coffee buzz’s are crucial to get his brain up and alert each morning. This Keurig Single Cup coffee brewer is perfect for Dad to put at his desk and brew instant coffee at his fingertips. With a little cream and a sprinkle of sugar, he may not have a spoon nearby to stir it all up. This Self-Stirring Coffee Mug does all the work and Dad won’t have to stop in the middle of writing that important email to get a spoon.;

ON THE GO: Is Dad’s wallet so jam packed with photos and receipts that he can’t 6even properly sit down? This iPhone case not only protects your device, but opens up an extra compartment to reveal a mirror and slot to store bank cards, IDs, cash and maybe even a house key! We’re not suggesting that he get rid of all those adorable school pictures, but when making a quick run to the store or to have a drink with a client, this seems like the more convenient alternative to a bulky wallet.

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