Shea Homes for the Touchdown!

by Shea Homes Arizona on September 6, 2013

Football season is no longer around the corner, it’s here and it’s time to pull out the salsa bowl and the face paint! Naturally, football season comes with parties, and these parties require a home to host. If the home ends up being yours, this may or may not be something you look forward to on what’s supposed to be the most relaxing day of the week… unless you do it thefb1 right way! If you really think about it, the men are going to be so into the games that all you need to keep them satisfied is the beverage of their choice and a bowl of chips. For the kids, just give them the backyard space to run around. For the women, it’s a great time to catch up with each other! So make the best of what would typically be an uneventful Sunday, and eat, drink, laugh and scream at the television! Whatever your feelings are, you don’t need to worry! We’ve done all the brainstorming and written the plays, so all you have to do is execute the game plan. Here are some ideas on how to get your home ready for Sunday football.

First and foremost, make sure there is enough seating around the television for everyone to get a good view, especially if the game is an important one! Remove lamps and knick knacks if they get in the way of the view from the kitchen, add a couple of extra chairs in the living room, or throw some bean bags or pillows on the floor for the older kids.  Just make sure that you avoid clutter, so the party still looks like you’ve got it under control!

After you’ve established a good seating area, get cooking! Though football parties do not typically require a large meal, food it still one of the most important components of a football fb4gathering. Stay away from being gourmet and stick to easy, finger foods. Some of these items may only require you to open a bag and pour into a bowl, such as chips, cookies, fruit, etc. If you want to put a little bit more effort into the finger food, try these simple and cheap recipes:

  • Mini hot dogs on a stick; everyone, including the kids, will love these!
  • Hot queso dip; have at least one dip set out. It’s easy to make a lot so everyone is served!
  • Buffalo chicken wings; always a football favorite.
  • End with these delicious apple “turnovers”.

Place all of your food trays, napkins, silverware, etc. on a long table decorated to the theme. Strategically place the table so that it is the designated area for your guests to grab what they need to cure their appetite. As guests will filter in and out of this area, keep it away from the action so no one is in the way of the busy kitchen area and most importantly the TV. If you really want to rise to the occasion, decorate the entire space! There is nothing like entering a house that visually embraces the football spirit! Hang up banners, flags or signs show that this is where the party is at.

fb5Always be prepared to accommodate the guests who don’t necessarily enjoy or understand the sport of football. Not to be stereotypical, but sometimes wives find themselves in this category. Simply set up a hangout area for them where they can catch up while enjoying the food. Setting up a table on the patio is perfect for them to watch the kids, or set up the kitchen table where they can keep an eye on the game, and the men!fb6

While it doesn’t take much to entertain the kids, always keep them in mind when planning a party. Get creative and get them a simple board like this to sharpen their throw. They will surely love it and keep busy for a while and you can count on the men joining them during half time!

Don’t dread these Sunday football parties, make them a memory!

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