Shea Homes Mini-Hero: Carmen Inzinga

by Shea Homes Arizona on November 2, 2012

A wise girl by the name of Anne Frank once said, “No one has ever become poor by giving” and that is certainly true of this week’s mini hero. Carmen Inzinga has been a Shea Homes Arizona Community Representative for sixteen years, yet what sets her apart is her passion for giving back. Carmen teaches free safety and self defense classes for the Shea sales team, helping them to face their fears, be alert and trust their instincts. It all started at the age of eight when her dad got her into martial arts and she fell in love with it. When she was a teenager, her sister was the victim of a sexual crime and Carmen decided to make it her mission to teach self defense classes. She has taught classes for over ten years and really enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. But her passion for giving back doesn’t stop there. She is constantly giving back through clothing drives and adopting families during the holidays. Her eyes and heart were opened to the military when her daughter joined the Navy and requested Christmas boxes for some of her friends that didn’t get anything sent to them over the holidays. Carmen has made it her mission to ensure no soldier goes without a package and over the last few years has been the driving force behind Shea Homes Arizona “Troop Donation” efforts.

We salute you Carmen for making the world around you a better and safer place. We are proud to have you on our team!

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