Shea Values: Why Your Feedback Matters

by Shea Homes Arizona on April 6, 2011

At Shea Homes we keep our eyes and ears perked for feedback and suggestions from our homebuyers.  In other words, we care a lot about the opinions and suggestions of today’s homebuyer.  In fact, we value your opinions so much that last year it led to the opening of a completely new kind of community, Shea SPACES.

 Modern homebuyer—we heard you loud and clear.

We heard that you want a home that fits your lifestyle and your tastes—SPACES’ architecture and design reflect a euro style but also bring a certain functionality that you need.

We heard that you want big open living areas that bring people together, rather than divide them—SPACES’ floor plans are less compartmentalized than the typical suburban home and laid out with a community atmosphere in mind.

It’s a new approach to homebuilding that allows flexibility to meet homebuyer’s individual needs.

Shea Homes’ mission to meet the needs of individual families extends far beyond Shea SPACES though.  It’s an integral part of everything we do.

So what are your needs?  Maybe your family consists of just you and a couple of little ones.  Maybe you’re a young couple thinking about adding to the family soon.  Or maybe you’ve been hard at work raising three kids for the last 25 years and are ready to upgrade your empty nest.

Wherever life has you, if you’re looking for a homebuilder that wants to listen to you and meet your family’s unique needs, contact a community representative today, or click here to explore some of our Arizona communities on your own.

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