The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

by Shea Homes Arizona on March 23, 2012

That’s a phrase many of us grew up hearing, especially those of us who played a team sport: Every individual’s efforts added together usually don’t result in something nearly as great as the whole body of people working cohesively does. 

At Shea Homes we are definitely on board for teamwork and as a team we believe that everyone can accomplish more. However, we’re convinced that the parts still matter. 

Whether in product innovation, price point or customer service, we believe that as each person plays their part and improves individually, so does the end product for the customer. 

That’s why every year, each member of the Shea Homes family sits down to set some goals. They are goals for us, but they are also goals for you, the customer. The Shea Homes business model is divided into our Vision, Mission and Purpose—as well as or four business drivers that everything boils down to: honesty and integrity, teamwork, passion for the customer, and competitive spirit. Each team member’s goals reflect how they want to grow in each of these areas. 

As a company, there is nothing more exciting than to see our employees growing in each area so that we can provide an ultimately better product and service to our customers. 

Want to learn more about what these values mean to us? Check out our YouTube playlist and hear what our community representatives have to say. Or take a closer look and see how honesty, integrity, passion for the customer and teamwork from our end benefit you as a customer.

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