Top 5 Christmas Gifts this Season

by Shea Homes Arizona on December 14, 2012


Christmas is right around the corner and for those of us that still have to go Christmas shopping for our loved ones, here are the Top 5 Christmas toys/Gifts of 2012.

TOP 5 Gifts

  1. Master Moves Mickey (M3) – Disney’s new toy is on every kids Christmas list, this year. This little Mickey Mouse signs and dances with your little one. The Master Moves Mickey can do more than 15 different dance moves and kids can easily switch songs by squeezing his nose. This toy is great for kids 2 to 6 years old.
  2. iPhone accessories – It seems that everyone has something Apple nowadays, and if your special someone has an iPhone, iPad, or iPod accessories are not a bad way to go.
  3. Furby – This toy is back and better than ever, it even comes with the ability to be hooked up to an iPhone, iPad or iPod app to make playing even more entertaining. This toy is great for older kids.
  4. dSLR Camera – Great for any man or photography lover. This kind of camera takes amazing photos that are high quality.
  5. Diamond Heart Necklace – As the saying goes ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ so why not get her a best friend this Christmas?

Share your go-to gift this year in the comments or on our Facebook page. Happy shopping!

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