Top 7 Gifts for Dad

by Shea Homes Arizona on June 19, 2015

We know Father’s Day is tomorrow, but we also know time can slip away from you. Not to worry! Shea Homes has you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 gifts for dad and all for under 30 bucks. Gather the kids; it’s time to get to work.

1. Father’s Day Card

A homemade Father’s Day card is a classic. This simple craft allows you and the kids to add some personality to your gift. Have your little ones pick out their favorite colors and customize the card and the fun paper collage tie to their liking. Chances are, you already have all of the necessary supplies at home. Find step-by-step directions here:


Photo credit: Little Family Fun

2. Hole in One Cupcakes

Whether or not you’re a fan of the sport, this is a treat everyone can enjoy. Dad will marvel at the creativity and fortunately for you, these are quite simple to make. You bake a scrumptious chocolate cupcake, carve out a hole, cover it in green sugar and place a white chocolate truffle inside. Go the extra mile and personalize this treat by writing a message on the flag for him. Find detailed directions here:


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3. Father’s Day Coupons

Provide the man of the house with exclusive rights to this very convenient coupon book. These custom coupons will equip him with an argument-free ticket out of taking out the trash, washing the car or perhaps a freebie for a delicious breakfast of his choosing, no questions asked. Get the kids to join in on the fun and together fill it with deals you know he’ll enjoy. Get started here:


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4. Personalized Coffee Mug

There is no such thing as too many coffee mugs. This is another simple and very special gift to make for Dad on Father’s Day. Only three supplies required and you’re good-to-go! Everyone in the family can make their own and create a mug as unique as they are. Find instructions here:


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5. Dumbbells

If Dad enjoys an active lifestyle, a pair of dumbbells may be exactly what he needs. Pick up the perfect set for him at your neighborhood sporting goods store:


Photo Credit: Dicks Sporting Goods

6. Personalized Picture Frame

This engraved Dad and Me frame is precious, but if you’re running out of time and can’t wait for this to be shipped to you, why not personalize a frame yourself? Head out to your local arts and crafts store and make this gift all yours! If you like the thought of an engraved frame, check it out here:


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7. Bottle Opening Glass

If you have time to spare because Dad doesn’t mind waiting a bit for his gift, this one might be worth the wait.  Save him the trouble of trying to locate the nearest bottle opener when he needs it most. This cup has one built in!
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Happy Father’s Day from Shea Homes!

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